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    31 Of The Best Vacation Destinations For Couples

    BRB, booking tickets.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about one of the best vacations they've ever taken: their honeymoon. Below are their wanderlust-worthy destinations — and we hope they'll help inspire any future weekend getaway, epic year-end trips, or anything in between!

    The coronavirus pandemic is still impacting travel, and destinations around the world have different COVID-19 restrictions in place. Always check and adhere to local government policies. Many of these locations may be temporarily closed, but we hope you'll use this list to dream about a future trip.

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    1. Roadtrip up the California coast:

    2. Feast on killer food and drink in Austin:

    3. Get a free crash course in history in Washington, D.C.:

    4. Explore the Oregon Coast:

    5. Head west and cruise down Route 66:

    6. Get a taste of island life in Kauai:

    7. Get outdoors in Gatlinburg, Tennessee:

    8. Visit The Happiest Place On Earth:

    9. Take the scenic route around Lake Michigan:

    10. Head to New York City for the holidays:

    11. Hop on an Amtrak train and see the country:

    12. Head north to Montreal & Quebec City:

    13. Live it up in Las Vegas:

    14. Roadtrip through the American South:

    15. Set sail on an Alaskan cruise:

    16. Take in the sights and sounds of Denver:

    17. Soak up the sun in Charleston, South Carolina:

    18. Soar high over Turkey:

    19. See the unreal beauty of Iceland:

    20. Travel parts of Africa by rail:

    21. Or travel Italy by car:

    22. Take in 360° views of The Gold Coast, Australia:

    23. Conquer your outdoor bucket list in Costa Rica:

    24. Immerse yourselves in Japanese culture:

    25. Embark on an outdoor adventure in Peru:

    26. Get some R&R in Curaçao:

    27. Channel some ~magic~ in Edinburgh, Scotland:

    28. Set sail on a European cruise:

    29. Find renewal in the Indonesian rainforest:

    30. Take in the culture of Ireland and Northern Ireland:

    31. Spend Halloween in New Orleans:

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