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    28 Gardening Kits That'll Probably Blossom Into Your New Favorite Activity

    Let's ~celery-brate~ your new plants.

    1. A kid-friendly garden kit so the whole family can enjoy the fruits (and veggies and flowers) of their labor.

    2. A soil-free AeroGarden Harvest that'll entertain the adults and look super sophisticated on your counters.

    3. And don't forget an AeroGarden salad greens refill kit because how satisfying would it be to eat a salad with greens you grew on your countertop?

    4. A three-slot self-watering indoor garden if you want to flex your green thumb but don't have a lot of free space for a bulky herb grower in your apartment.

    5. A water garden with a fish tank underneath to show off your herbs...and Herb the fish.

    6. A chic countertop microgreen grower so you can add a pop of color, a delicious crunch, and a dose of vitamins and nutrients to your meals.

    7. A hydroponic herb-growing kit for indoor gardeners who don't want the stress and mess of soil.

    8. An organic pearl mushroom-growing kit that'll produce half a pound of delicious fungi in just 10 days.

    9. Or a shiitake mushroom log kit because walking into the kitchen will suddenly feel like walking into the middle of a forest.

    10. A trio of push gardens if you want to turn your backyard into a haven for butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees.

    11. A desert rose bonsai kit to add more zen to your hectic apartment.

    12. Or a set of three terra-cotta planters so you can add some serious desert vibes to your windowsill.

    13. A reusable hanging tomato-growing kit for anyone who feels like they're always playing ~ketchup~ with their gardening. Thankfully, all you have to do with this lil' guy is pot the soil, water the seeds, and wait.

    14. A wool felt succulent-making kit that'll stay alive no matter how many times you and your black thumb forget to water them. (In all seriousness, don't water these plant bbs!)

    15. A drop-in kit because the weather shouldn't dictate what you can and can't grow! Now you can grow watermelons, popcorn, and sunflowers in your home until they're ready to be transported and repotted outside.

    16. A plant-your-own-succulent kit if you need low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plants that'll survive your forgetfulness.

    17. An avocado tree starter kit to supply your own stash for your daily avocado toast.

    18. A Venus fly trap kit so you can finally get rid of those pesky bugs that always elude the fly swatter and that your cat has show zero interest in hunting.

    19. A cat grass kit for pet owners whose fur babies could use a little help with their digestion. Each box comes with oat, wheat, rye, and barley seeds that can help improve a cat's digestion and reduce hairballs.

    20. Catnip in bag that may help reduce your kitty's anxiety and make them feel relaxed — or at least entertain them for a few minutes so you can *finally* get some work done.

    21. A birth month flower kit because what better way to treat yourself (or a loved one) than with a sweet-smelling personalized gift.

    22. A lithops germination kit (lithops are sometimes called living stones) if you want a plant that not everyone has.

    23. A pack of lollipops to enjoy (flavors include strawberry-basil and peach-marigold — yum!) and then plant. Yep, the seeds are in the stick so all you need to do is plant it once you've finished your sucker.

    24. A strawberry garden in a bag so you can enjoy juicy strawbs that were grown in your kitchen. Plus, the garden is contained in this bag so you don't have to fuss with pots and trays.

    25. A bottle stopper growing kit for putting all your empty wine bottles to good use! Once you empty the bottle, fill it with water and insert one of the included hydroponic capsules. Drop in a seed and then wait!

    26. A veggie seed kit that'll probably make your kids want to eat their vegetables (no promises!). All the included seeds sprout easy-to-grow and versatile veggies.

    27. A butterfly garden seed kit because you'll feel just like your Animal Crossing character running around your island (or, err, backyard) chasing butterflies (but not selling them at Nook's Cranny).

    28. A flower-growing kit that comes in its own planter if you're clueless about this whole gardening thing. It even has a self-watering system so that's one less thing to screw up!

    You chilling with your new plants: