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    29 Products Guaranteed To Make Dog Owners Laugh Out Loud

    Including pup-friendly La Croix, a candle for when the dog farts, and a tushie-shaped toilet paper holder.

    1. Leak-proof unscented poop bags for when nature calls. Who knew one day we would actually be excited for our dogs to do their business?

    2. A NSFW coffee mug that won't fail to make you smile. Early mornings just got a bit more bearable.

    3. A La Croix–esque dog toy to add to the collection because of course your son also shares your obsession with ~barkling~ water (this is a pamplemousse-only household!).

    4. A print that recognizes all the sacrifices you make for your fur babies, like waking up at 3 a.m. to walk your dog even though you have an early meeting and you know it's going to take your dog 20 minutes to find the right bush to pee on.

    5. A nervous chihuahua comforter so plush we're confident that you'll be snoozing in minutes.

    6. A dog tag that's funny until your fur baby runs off while your arms are loaded with groceries, and then you have to run inside to drop them off before sprinting down the street shouting your dog's name only for him to think you want to play a game of chase (no, this hasn't happened to me before hahaha).

    7. A stemless wine glass for nights when it's time to make some ~pour~ decisions and indulge in a bit of red.

    8. An indoor/outdoor throw pillow that'll be perfect for both napping and explaining to people what it's like to own a sausage dog.

    9. A carry-all pouch for organizing your life — or just holding all your random crap so the rest of your room looks neat and organized.

    10. A slim-fit slogan T-shirt that perfectly captures my forever mood. Are you a dog? No? OK, then why are you still talking to me?

    11. A sassy fanny pack for people who needs two free hands to pet all the dogs!

    12. A humorous dog butt coloring book you need to own in multiples (one for your friend and one for you!). C'mon, you're coloring dog butts! How is this not hilarious?

    13. A heinie-shaped toilet paper holder to protect your TP from naughty pooches that have a bad habit of shredding paper. You can also mount in the garage and use it to store doggie poop bags.

    14. A lightweight corgi travel mug that'll combine your two favorite things: caffeine and dogs (not necessarily in that order).

    15. A relatable warning sign for anyone who owns a dog that goes from 0 to 100 the minute a stranger approaches the front door.

    16. A laptop case for when you really need a good laugh and a very long break (and maybe a glass of wine and a puppy).

    17. A spiral-bound collection of dog pics that accurately represents your every mood without you ever having to say a word. Gift it to the office's resident dog lover, or use it to warn coworkers when to stay away.

    18. A printed shower curtain for the person who loves labs. Your pup will forgive you for cheating on him with other dogs.

    19. A clever welcome mat you may want to keep indoors so the neighbors don't steal it.

    20. A corgi sticker that'll make writing essays late into the night a lot more fun. *Proceeds to open and close laptop 50 times*

    21. An amusing dog bandana so everyone knows your dog is basically an oversized kid with lots of fur that does not listen to his ~pawrents~ and most definitely does not pay rent but is so freaking cute that Mom just accepts it.

    22. A ~pug-tastic~ clear iPhone 6 case for your friend who didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose them.

    23. A scented soy candle so you can laugh about your dog's ill-timed fart when your crush is hanging out at your place (and then cringe inside for the next year every time you remember it).

    24. A corgi backpack that can handle all your books and school supplies with ease. Keep calm and corgi on when homework and class projects are killing the mood.

    25. An Adidog sweater to keep your pooch warm and complete the hypebeast family. Remember when you said you would never dress your pets?

    26. A dog mom tank top for your cousin who loves "Mean Girls" and her English bulldog.

    27. A minimalist wall clock to accurately describe your dog's daily routine. Quick question: how do I become a dog?

    28. Matching shirts for you and your dog because yes, this is the best thing someone's ever created. The unisex shirt is one size fits all and is designed to be roomy rather than fitted.

    29. A tote bag that speaks to my soul. *Adds another five tennis balls because my dog refuses to share his toys at the dog park.*

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