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20 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About "Beauty And The Beast"

My, what a guy, dat boi Gaston.

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1. On life at the castle: / Via

2. On the difference between 1991 Beast and 2017 Beast: / Via

3. On Adam's iconic sass: / Via

4. On seeing Beauty and the Beast again: / Via

5. On one of Disney's many life lessons: / Via

6. On the real lyrics to "Gaston": / Via

7. On having a slight obsession: / Via

8. On another difference between the animated version and the live-action version: / Via

9. On the masterpiece that is Prince Adam: / Via

10. On changing the lyrics to Evermore: / Via

11. On that one time when Belle wasn't so clever: / Via

12. On wanting behind-the-scenes footage of Dan Stevens on stilts: / Via

13. On the Beast's flirting technique: / Via

14. On dat boi Gaston: / Via

15. On Gaston's love for (five dozen) eggs: / Via

16. On Maurice: / Via

17. On what Lumiere does in his free time: / Via

18. On the movie summarized in one photo: / Via

19. On Lumiere's excellent skills as a maƮtre d': / Via

20. And finally, on Adam's growl at the end: / Via

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