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Dec 2017
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    mckenzieholahan1132 commented on 21 Horror Movies So Disturbing, People Couldn't Finish Watching Them

    My dad made me watch The Village when I was around the age of 6. Because I was so young I didn't understand the main plot points. So I thought the main creature was real instead of like a costume. My dad tried explaining it to me and he forced me to watch it a few times after it but… 


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    mckenzieholahan1132 commented on 15 Encounters With Ghosts That'll Make You A Believer In The Paranormal

    When I was younger my family had to stay in my grandma's house. It was built in like the 1800s so it's pretty old. I got up to go to the bathroom one night and looked down the hallway (my room was on the end across from the stairs) and I saw the old candle that sits on a table at… 


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    mckenzieholahan1132 commented on What Is The Kindest Thing A Stranger Has Ever Done For You?

    I was having a really bad day at school one day, I missed a deadline for a huge paper, I was falling behind on school work because of problems with my family, and I was stressing about an oncoming deadline for my school's yearbook class. I sat down in my yearbook class (which was… 


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    mckenzieholahan1132 commented on Can You Score At Least 8/10 On This 10th Grade Anatomy Test?

    What even? The schools I've gone to have never required anatomy or anything. Like in 8th grade it was general sciences, 9th biology, 10th chemistry, 11th is any science class that my school offers (in class or online), and 12th doesn't even require a science class. My school doesn't… 


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    mckenzieholahan1132 commented on This Video Of Kylie Jenner Started A Heated Online Debate Over Her Baby Girl's Pierced Ears

    I didn't get my ears peirced until I was 10, at Claire's and they became infected I tried again at 12 and they, again, became infected. I finally went to a tattoo parlor and had them pierced at 15. And they finally stuck. I always tell my mom she should've gotten them done when I… 


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    mckenzieholahan1132 commented on What's A Scary Story Your Family Has Passed Down For Generations?

    My family moved in with my grandma a couple years ago. It is this massive house that was built in like the 40s. It has like 4 half floors that don't overlap at all, with half of the house that was added on in the 60s. My dad and his four brothers lived in it when they were growing… 


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    mckenzieholahan1132 commented on Tell Us Something You've Always Wanted To Say To Body-Shamers

    When you say I'm fat, especially for my height (I'm 5'1"), this is the healthiest weight I've been at in years. Two years ago I was anorexic. I wouldn't eat unless my parents forced me to. And I stopped feeling hungry most of the time. I slimmed down to 100 pounds. 35 pounds under… 


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