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Tell Us Something You've Always Wanted To Say To Body-Shamers

Air your grievances here.

Body-shaming. It's a thing that unfortunately happens all the time.

While interviewing a fitness blogger on her show Megyn Kelly told viewers that some women want to be fat-shamed, ad… https://t.co/wSmubHghnG


Whether it's telling someone that being plus-size is gross...

Girls that I like vs Girls that like me

...or telling someone to "eat a burger" because they're "skin and bones"...

@Sarah_Hyland @ABCNetwork Sarrah you look like you need a coupple of doubble whoppers your looking kinda skinny girl.

It sucks and affects tons of people. Even freakin' supermodels.

But is there something you wish you could tell a body-shamer?

Like how you have a naturally fast metabolism or that you're on medication that makes you a certain weight?

Or maybe you just want to say "Screw you, you're not my doctor!"

Whatever it is, this is your time to get it off your chest! Comment below in the dropbox and your response might be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post and/or video.