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    Here Are All Of My Holy Grail Hair Products That I've Tested And Loved

    Sorry, I can't hear you over the volume of my hair.

    1. A silk pillowcase that'll prevent your hair from drying out and getting tangled while you sleep. The cool, smooth fabric will help your skin and hair retain moisture, giving the term "beauty sleep" a whole new meaning.

    the silk pillowcase on May's bed

    2. This shampoo and conditioner duo that'll help you banish brassiness if you're not quite blonde but still have colour-treated hair. The blue neutralizes orange tones (colour theory, y'all!), so you'll end up with a beautiful ash brown tone.

    3. A bottle of dry shampoo that'll keep your hair from getting greasy (and give you a little wiggle room between full wash days).

    4. An anti-dandruff shampoo that'll help you get rid of those annoying little flakies that get all over your clothes and bed. It's made out of medicinal ingredients that kill the dandruff-causing fungus, so it'll actually solve the problem instead of just temporarily washing it off.

    May holding the bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo

    5. A trio of claw clips that are actually big enough to clip in all of your hair. Reviewers with thick hair and frizzy hair say that they keep their strands locked in place.

    6. A bottle of The Ordinary's multi-peptide hair serum that helps strengthen and nourish your hair, right from the root. It's non-greasy and loaded with hair densifying ingredients — one or two drops is all you need.

    bottle of peptide serum on a table

    7. A Revlon one-step hot air brush that'll help you dry and style your hair all at once. It'll detangle your tresses with its built-in bristles and give you a salon-worthy blowout in minutes.

    8. A scalp massager that'll help you lather up your shampoo, without tangling up your hair. It'll also improve circulation around your scalp to help with dandruff and hair loss (and it just feels really good).

    9. This cult-favourite Olaplex Hair Perfecter that works by using fancy hair technology to repair the broken bonds in your hair. The science may be complicated, but the effects are simply stunning.

    10. This curling iron that'll help you achieve the bouncy curls of your dreams. Because it's tapered, you can control the size of your ringlets by wrapping your hair closer to the base or farther along at the end.

    11. A bottle of Jamaican black castor oil that'll help your hair grow longer and thicker than ever. Reviewers say it's also made their lashes and brows look fuller, too.

    May holding the bottle and the eyelash tube

    12. This versatile hair gel that'll slick down your mane and keep every strand in place all day long. Reviewers also use it to glue down their wigs, style their moustaches, and spike their hair up.

    A before and after of May's baby hairs

    13. This Sol de Janeiro hair and body mist that smells like a tropical vacation. It's the same scent as the über-popular Bum Bum cream, and it lasts even longer when they're paired together.

    May holding the bottle

    14. This Verb hair oil that'll make your hair feel soft and silky. It's a little thicker than a regular oil, so it'll help smooth down flyaways and frizz, too.

    15. This CHI Keratin leave-in conditioner that'll help untangle your hair with just a few spritzes. The keratin smooths down your hair strands, preventing breakage and giving your hair some much-needed hydration.

    16. This compact hair dryer that'll fold in half for easy storage. Don’t be fooled by its size, though, — it’ll dry your hair in no time and its ionic technology will actually help nourish it, too.

    17. A bottle of Bumble and bumble heat protectant that'll give your hair some extra protection when using hot tools. It's also loaded with silky ingredients (like coconut and macadamia oils) to help de-frizz and detangle — double win!

    18. And finally, a hair brush comb that'll help you clean your brush from all your strands and product residue build-up.

    Now you try 'em!

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