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    26 Clothing Items And Accessories That'll Help You Build The Capsule Wardrobe Of Your Dreams

    Let's get back to basics.

    1. A pair of adidas leggings for those laid-back days. They're made of moisture-wicking material, so they're perfect for working out, too.

    person wearing leggings

    2. And a pair of bicycle shorts for the warmer months. They have pockets (!!!) so you can easily stash your phone or wallet away when you're exercising or just want to keep your hands free.

    person wearing the short with a phone their pocket

    3. A pair of boots that have just the slightest heel, so you can keep it casj or wear them with dressier outfits. They'll save you the effort of messing with laces or zippers, since the elastic sides let you just slip 'em on (we stan a versatile and convenient combo).

    the boots on a marble floor

    4. And a pair of pumps for dressier occasions. Sometimes wearing a heel just makes you feel like a bad B, so why not get a pair that'll go with everything?

    the white pump

    5. A pair of detachable collars that'll give you the appearance of wearing a shirt without all the bulk. They're great for layering under sweaters or dresses when you want to look cute without sweating your butt off.

    6. A simple dress that's business in the front and a party in the back. Jean jacket and sneakers? That works. Heels and a blazer? That works, too.

    7. A pair of cat-eye sunnies that'll make you look like a celeb when you walk into a room. Dark circles? Puffy eyes? Cover 'em up with these babies.

    a selfie of a person with the glasses on

    8. A plain white tee that's basically the foundation to any capsule wardrobe. Honestly, you might as well get it in every colour since the cotton modal blend will make it the comfiest thing you own.

    person wearing the white tee

    9. A pair of stretchy chinos that'll look good all year round. It's the perfect neutral colour to balance out light or dark looks.

    person wearing the chinos and a sweater

    10. A denim jacket that you can throw over any 'fit to keep you warm (especially in this turbulent Canadian weather).

    person wearing the denim jacket over a hoodie

    11. A pair of wool runners that'll fit to your foot based on how you walk. They're made of moisture-wicking materials that'll minimize odours, which is great if you hate having stinky shoes.

    person walking on a step with the wool runners on

    12. A little black dress for days when you don't have the energy to put pants on. Reviewers say it's comfy enough to sleep in, but can be dressed up for a night on the town.

    person wearing the dress

    13. A plush sherpa hoodie that'll keep you cozy in style. It even has two secret side pockets, so you can stick your hands in 'em and warm them up when you're cold.

    person wearing the hoodie and holding a coffee cup

    14. A pair of straight leg jeans that'll be the bread and butter of any outfit. They're high waisted, so they're perfect for pairing with crop tops.

    person wearing the jeans and a plain ling sleeve shirt sitting on a box

    15. A reversible leather belt that'll give you two looks in one. Every belt is handmade in Montreal, so each one is a little special (and will last you forever).

    16. A simple faux leather crossbody purse that'll fit all of your essentials, but won't weigh you down. Because it doesn't have any patterns or embellishments, you won't have to spend hours trying to pair it with the perfect outfit (read: it'll go with anything).

    person wearing the purse

    17. A collared linen shirt that'll feel nice and airy on its own or pair well under a suit or cardigan for a dressier look. Heck, it'll even look great with a tie or bowtie, if you're really dressing to impress.

    person wearing the shirt

    18. A satin pyjama set that'll replace your ratty old t-shirts, so you'll even be stylish in your sleep. The waistband is adjustable, meaning you won't have to constantly hike them up.

    person lying in bed with the pyjama set on

    19. A sharp blazer that'll instantly dress up any look. Pair it with a dress for an edgier vibe or throw it over your PJs for that important Zoom call—it's versatile enough for it all.

    person wearing the blazer over jeans and a white t-shirt

    20. A pair of classic high top Chucks that'll become your go to kicks. Converse might have started out as a basketball shoe, but you'll be able to get through any activity with these sturdy canvas kicks.

    person wearing the converse shoes

    21. A fleece crew neck that'll keep you warm when you're feeling a little chilly. You can layer it over a turtleneck or a collared shirt for that preppy look.

    person wearing the crewneck

    22. A cotton fedora that'll hide a bad hair day or give your attire a little extra glamour. It's also great for shielding your face from harsh UV rays in the summer.

    23. A black turtleneck bodysuit, so you can live your best coordinated life (the whole point of a capsule wardrobe is that everything matches, after all). Since it's a bodysuit, it won't bunch up and require constant readjusting throughout the day.

    person wearing the bodysuit with a skirt and black boots

    24. A pair of chunky gold hoops that'll make any ensemble a little more elegant. They're made of 14K gold-plated stainless steel, so they won't go turning your earlobes green.

    the hoop earrings on a table

    25. A wrap scarf that'll make you feel like you're covered up in a soft blanket. It's nice and big, so you can wear it in a variety of different ways (like wrapped around your neck, looped into itself, or draped over your shoulders).

    person wearing the scarf wrapped around their neck

    26. And lastly, a satin midi skirt that'll keep your legs cool on a hot summer day, without being so flowy that you'll accidentally have a Marilyn moment.

    person wearing the skirt with a t-shirt and sneakers

    You seeing yourself in your perfectly coordinate outfits:

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