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    17 Things You Probably Need If You're Planning Your Wedding Right Now

    Including stuff for all the events in between!

    1. A wedding planner that you can use to organize all the little details for your big day. It's also packed with tips and tricks, so it'll help you figure out which things you need to tackle first and how to decide who to invite.

    2. And a set of stickers that you can decorate everything from your planner to your vision board (because you know you're gonna make one).

    the sticker sheets

    3. A trinket dish to keep by your sink or nightstand so you'll know exactly where to put ring when you go to bed. It's also big enough to hold your other daily jewellery, so getting ready in the morning is one step easier.

    person holding the ring shaped dish

    4. Or this split dish to share once your significant other has their ring, too. It comes with a gorgeous box and card that'll come in handy if you're gifting it.

    5. A pet bandana so you can include your fur baby when announcing your engagement. It makes for memorable photos and you can cross out the "are getting" after the ceremony.

    dog with the bandana that says my humans are getting married

    6. A faux engagement ring to wear while you get yours insured or if you're going somewhere you might lose it. The band is made of sterling silver, so it won't go turning your finger green.

    person wearing the ring

    7. A wine glass that you can dedicate to your wedding planning fuel of choice. It's a fun way to let your partner know when to get into planning mode (or stay out of your way).

    person holding the glass that says this is my wedding planning glass

    8. A set of engagement party decorations that'll help you celebrate the first of many wedding events. You could always re-use them for your bridal shower and other parties, too.

    9. A pair of engagement ring socks that'll keep you cozy when you're planning through the fall and winter. They'd also make a super cute gift for your bridesmaids, so stock up!

    person wearing the socks with engagement rings on them

    10. A scratch-off poster with date ideas that'll keep the romance alive when planning gets stressful. It's also a cool way to see all the fun things you've done together already.

    11. A pair of bridesmaid proposal stickers that you can pop on a bottle of wine or a candle to ask your besties to help you tie the knot.

    the sticker that says pairs well with being a bridesmaid on a bottle of wine

    12. Or these pretty cards that'll help you ask them and thank them afterwards.

    two cards that say thank you for being my bridesmaid and will you be my bridesmaid

    13. A satin sash to wear during your bachelorette party or bridal shower that's perfect for photos (and may earn you some free drinks, too).

    14. A ceramic tree ornament to give your partner during the holidays this year. Since the back is blank, you can write a nice little personal note.

    15. A wooden hanger for when you say yes to the dress. It's a great accessory for photo ops and you'll probably want to use it after your big day when your gown goes into storage.

    bride holding up the mrs hanger

    16. A colouring book all about the realities of married life. Not only hilarious, but it'll give you something to do when you need a break from your screens, fiancé, and wedding planning duties.

    17. And finally, a set of photo props that'll make any celebration from your engagement party to the wedding itself so much more fun.

    two people holding up signs with quirky sayings like always a bridesmaid

    All of these things helping you out so you're not like:

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