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    18 Neat Things I Found While Doin' Some Online Shopping That I Just Had To Share With You

    I think you'll want them, too.

    1. A portable charger that can flip up into a stand so you can still watch YouTube videos while you're charging your phone. It also has a USB-C outlet, so you can charge two devices at once.

    2. A cheeky vase to that'll ✨zhuzh up✨ any bare shelf in your home. You can fill it with flowers or even use it as a pencil or makeup brush holder.

    the vase in the shape of a bum with small flowers in it

    3. A bottle of Ariana Grande's Cloud perfume that has notes of pear, coconut, and vanilla. Reviewers even say it's a dupe for the TikTok-famous (and uber expensive) Baccarat Rouge.

    the bottle which is shaped like a cloud laid flat

    4. A 4-in-1 selfie stick that'll also work as a tripod, Bluetooth selfie stick, and light. It can rotate, extend, and has a *bunch* of lighting settings, so that you can capture every moment from any angle.

    5. An egg storage container if you're obsessed with organizing your fridge. It'll help you make the most of your space, too, since you can stack multiples on top of each other.

    person opening the drawer

    6. A clip-on tray that'll give you a spot to put your snacks or drinks while you watch TV. The hinges are adjustable, so it can fit on pretty much any armrest.

    The table on an arm rest

    7. A pair of right-angle USB-C charging cables that'll make it easy to use your devices while they're juicin' up (without bending or breaking the wires). They're also over 6-feet long, so you won't be glued to the wall when you're using them.

    person using their phone with the cable plugged in

    8. A collapsible stool that's perfect for bringing on a camping trip or to a festival. When you're not using it, you can fold it up and carry it around in the included waterproof bag.

    the stool extended next to the bag that it comes with

    9. A pack of cable labels that'll help you finally sort your mess of cords and figure out what's what the next time you need to unplug something. They snap open and closed with Velcro, so you can take them off easily and re-use them.

    10. A handy cleaning tool that can get into every nook and cranny of your electronics. It has a sponge, a brush, and a pointy scraper that'll help you get all the gunk and dirt off.

    11. A copy of How to Make Coffee that'll teach you how to make the perfect cup of coffee using *science*. Plus, it'll give you a rundown on all the caffeine vocab, so you'll finally be able tell the difference between "fruity" and "cereal" when it comes to flavour profiles.

    the copy of the book on a bare table

    12. A Bluetooth headband that'll help you fall asleep if you need to listen to podcasts or music to drift off. It's also great for running when it's chilly out since it'll cover your ears.

    person sleeping with the headband on

    13. A set of bottle cleaning brushes that'll help you get into every little crevice of whatever you're trying to clean. They come with a base that's handy for storage and also catches excess water.

    14. A laptop privacy screen that'll keep any nosy coworkers from snooping. It connects magnetically and is reversible (one side is glossy and one side is matte) to help reduce eye strain, too.

    15. A vanity table that has everything from necklace hooks to a hairdryer holder to store your entire beauty arsenal. It even comes with a matching stool, so you won't have to scour the web looking for one.

    the vanity in a room with makeup and perfume on it

    16. A scentless mosquito repellent lantern that'll help you make the most out of the rest of camping season. It works by heating up little mats made of natural repellent, and you can even use the lantern part on its own if you want.

    person sitting next to the thermacell

    17. A hair waver that'll give you effortless beachy waves in seconds. It'll automatically shut off after an hour, which will be super handy if you're a little forgetful when it comes to turning your hair tools off.

    18. And finally, a snack bowl that's perfect for separating your snacks or chips and dip. It's also great for eating nuts or fruits with seeds when you don't feel like washing two individual bowls.

    the bowl with some chips and chocolates in it

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