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    21 ~Aesthetic~ Home Items From Amazon Canada You'll Be Obsessed With If You Love Neutrals

    When your favourite colour is beige.

    1. A set of framed prints in muted colours that you can use to create a gallery wall or pepper around your house. If you're not head-over-heels obsessed with all the pics, you can always swap them out for your favourite photos.

    the artwork above a couch

    2. A knotted cotton basket with a cute little fringe that you can use to store all your random doodads. Reviewers also love using it as a decorative pot cover for their plants.

    the basket on a shelf

    3. A comfy throw that'll keep you warm and cozy without having to sacrifice style. The rippled fabric will add some texture to your couch or bed and feel like a dream to snuggle up with.

    the throw draped over a love seat

    4. A shelved room divider that'll help give you some privacy and extra storage space. The shelves are removable, so you won’t have to use all three — and you can just use the room divider alone, too.

    the shelved room divider between two rooms

    5. A sofa cover that'll basically turn your couch into a completely new piece of furniture. It'll come in handy if you're changing up the colour scheme in your home and don't want to drop big bucks on a new one.

    A person sitting on a couch with the cover on it

    6. And a pack of chair covers that'll make it look like you got a brand new dining set. They're also great for protecting your seats from stains and rips (just throw 'em in the wash for easy cleaning).

    Chairs with the covers on them surrounding a table

    7. An extra thick bath mat that your feet will thank you for after a shower. It'll also save your bathroom floor from becoming a flood zone, since it's made of super absorbent microfibres.

    persons foot stepping on the mat

    8. A sheet set that'll keep you cool and comfy while you snooze. The pieces are partially made with bamboo, which wicks moisture and won't wrinkle easily.

    the sheet set on a bed

    9. A set of beige velvet hangers that'll give your closet a more cohesive look (and keep your clothes from slipping). They'll also create some extra space since they're flat and thin.

    the hangers on a rack

    10. A pair of cushion covers to add some subtle ✨pizzazz✨ to your space if you don't like anything too flashy.

    the cushion covers on a couch

    11. A pair of blackout curtain panels with a gold constellation design that'll look super pretty when the light hits them. They'll also help regulate the temperature inside your space and block out some outside noise.

    the curtains on a window

    12. A bouquet of dried pampas grass that won't require any maintenance (unlike regular plants). It comes with four different kinds, so you can mix and match to create a unique arrangement.

    the pampas grass in a vase outside

    13. And a set of glazed vases to display them in. The pretty gradient pattern makes them snazzy enough to display on their own, too.

    the vases on a window sill with flowers in one of them

    14. A woven cotton basket that'll fit all of your laundry, so you'll only need to make one trip down the stairs. You can also use it to hide ugly plant pots, store extra bedding, or tuck away children's toys.

    person putting clothes in the laundry hamper

    15. A distressed rug that'll make your whole space feel so much cozier. Reviewers love that it's easy to clean and that it doesn't slide around.

    the rug in a living room under a couch and dresser

    16. A faux wood stump side table that'll add a rustic look to your apartment. It comes with footpads if you need to make it a little taller and it can be used both inside and outside.

    the side table with a tea cup on it

    17. A fluffy duvet cover that'll make you feel like you're sleeping in a cloud. Reviewers say it's great for every season — just use it without a duvet inside during the warmer months.

    the fuzzy duvet cover on a bed

    18. A pair of bedside lamps with sleek wooden bases that'll look super cute in your room. The fabric lampshade will help diffuse the light to a softer and warmer glow.

    the lamps on a dresser top next to a succulent

    19. Or this rattan lamp for a boho look, if that's more your vibe.

    the rattan lamp on a bedside table

    20. An ottoman that'll give you a place to sit while you put your shoes on (or somewhere to throw your clothes). You could even use it as an extra seat/footrest in your living room when you have more guests than chairs.

    the ottoman at the foot of a bed

    21. And lastly, a set of pull knobs to jazz up your cabinets and dressers. They're also great to use in a kid's room, so they won't go bonking their heads on harder handles.

    four of the knobs laid out on a wood surface

    You in your perfectly colour-coordinated home:

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