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    17 Really Nice Amazon Canada Products To Jazz Up Your Home

    Fall in love with your space!

    1. A pack of gold handles that'll instantly make any drawer or cabinet unit look more expensive. Reviewers say the brushed gold shade makes them look high-end and love how easy they are to install.

    The handles on a cabinet

    2. A customizable plant shelf that'll give you a place to put all your greenery without overwhelming your table tops. The slotted bases help the light shine through to every layer, so all your plant babies can soak up the sun.

    plants on the shelves

    3. A trio of funky jars that you can use to display your favourite snacks on your kitchen counter. The cork balls will keep your nibbles fresh, but are easy to pop off when you have the munchies.

    the jars filled with various kitchen ingredients

    4. A nightstand with a handy built-in charging dock to keep your bedside clear of cables. It has raised edges to prevent things from getting knocked off when you reach for your water bottle or phone in the middle of the night.

    nightstand with drawer open with phone and home assistant plugged in on top

    5. A wood cutting board that's beautiful enough to use as a piece of decor or serving tray. It also has a cutout on the handle if you'd prefer to hang it.

    the board against a wall

    6. A set of stylish fruit bowls that'll display all of your fresh and colourful pickings. The wired design will allow for airflow, keeping your produce from getting mouldy five seconds after you get it home.

    A person holding the basket filled with fruit

    7. A hand-braided boho rug that's made of durable cotton. It's bursting with colour, making it super easy to match with the decor you already have.

    the rug in a living space under a pouf and couch

    8. A pair of floating shelves to store all of your self-care goodies. One of them even comes with a towel rack that you can use to hang your favourite facecloth.

    the shelves next to a sink

    9. A full-length mirror that'll help you with your 'fit checks before heading out the door. You can either lean it or hang it on the wall.

    the mirror leaning against a wall next to a bed

    10. Or a farmhouse-chic mantel mirror that's more decorative than functional. The mirrored panels will add more space and light than a painting.

    the mantel mirror above a wall table

    11. An abstract painting that'll spruce up your plain walls. The image wraps all the way around the edges, so you won't even need to frame it.

    The canvas above a bed

    12. A wooden catch-all tray that'll help you organize all of your "getting out the door" things, like keys and glasses. It would also make a great addition to your jewellery cabinet since you can hang your necklaces and rings on it.

    the tray with keys a watch and airpods and glasses on it

    13. A faux plant that'll add some greenery to your space, even if you're a certified plant killer. Unlike real leafy babies, it can even survive on your balcony or in your backyard on cooler days.

    the plant in a bedroom

    14. A set of crystal pendants that'll catch the sun and fill your room with little rainbows. Reviewers say the it looks like it's shimmering when it's hit with light, which is pretty darn whimsical.

    person holding the crystal with light shining through it

    15. A set of geometric bookends that'll display your best-loved books if you don't have a bookshelf (or help keep them upright if you can't fill one). Their abstract shape makes them perfect for decorating with dried flowers or pens.

    the geometric bookends holding a set of books together

    16. A monitor riser that'll free up some prime desk real estate and help your posture in the process. It's also great for adding some extra space on your bookshelf or lifting your TV to a better viewing angle.

    person using a monitor with the riser underneath

    17. And lastly, a set of fabric chairs that'll be the finishing touch to your dream dining room. They're made of solid wood, so they're a great investment if you're looking for furniture that lasts.

    the chair in a living room

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