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    Hugh Jackman Just Trolled The Shit Out Of Ryan Reynolds

    "Feel free to urinate on my section of the sidewalk."

    To celebrate Ryan Reynolds getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hugh Jackman decided to troll the hell out of him with the following message:

    Hell, there was even this dig at Hugh in the Deadpool movie!

    20th Century Fox

    So in the true spirit of things, Jackman donned a Ryan mask to deliver a message of thanks in character.

    He roasted Ryan for finally getting a star on the American walk of fame...

    ...and even brought up his shaky past with drama school

    Amid rumours that Ryan is trying to convince Hugh to do ONE LAST Wolverine film with him, this video is only making us pray for some more of this magical chemistry on the big screen.

    May the Wolverine / Deadpool trolling never end.