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10 Beautiful Portraits Of Asian-Pacific American Influencers

Add these incredible people to your list of APA heroes! Courtesy of Sons & Brothers.

To celebrate Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, artist Jessica Singh drew these beautiful portraits of APA heroes for the digital campaign Sons & Brothers.

1. George Takei — actor, LGBT right advocate, ~LEGEND~

2. Tani Cantil-Sakauye — 28th Chief Justice of California

3. Jirayut Latthivongskorn — first undocumented immigrant accepted as a medical student into UC-San Francisco

4. Godwin Higa — principal of San Diego's Cherokee Point Elementary School

5. Lian Cheun — executive director of the advocacy group Khmer Girls in Action

6. Philip Vera Cruz — farmworker, civil/labor rights leader

7. Rob Bonta — first Filipino-American state legislator in the history of California

8. Roy Choi — chef and owner of the gourmet Korean taco truck Kogi

9. Jeremy Lin — basketball star, adorable giant <3

10. Mindy Kaling — comedian, actress, show-runner, **GODDESS**