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12 Things You've Probably Never Seen In A Pet Store (But Wish You Did!)

It's like a zoo in here!

1. This isn't what he meant when he told everyone he was a "chick magnet"

2. Here's a turtle running a bit late for an 8-year-old's birthday party. / Via

Of course, 'running' is an overstatement.

3. A small pup drinking his woes away / Via

His girlfriend just left him for another dog (aka she was purchased by a family of 5 at a 2-for-1 special).

4. I didn't know pet stores sold life-size models of "The Three Cabelleros" / Via

Sombreros not included.

5. Recreating classic children's stories since 1993 (as evidenced by his tie-dye shirt) / Via

For someone who's about to lose his job at the pet store, he's very liberal with his cash.

6. He likes picking out his own chew toys...

7. Or causing mayhem wherever he goes!

8. We should really keep the catnip away from this one

9. The most flirtatious gecko you'll ever meet

"Is it just me or did it just get warm-blooded in here?"

10. This misleading pet store door / Via

From this point forward, only disappointment can be found in this store.

11. "What was in that water dispenser last night?" / Via

The funny thing is that this prairie dog actually does need to get up early for work the next morning.

12. "Thank you for shopping at Pets Co. Have a nice day!"

Teaching parrots how to talk really pays off!

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