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17 Hunde, die einfach sehr schlecht im Verstecken sind

Total nachvollziehbar für alle, die schon immer schlecht im Verstecken waren.

10 Things To Do On Mother's Day When Your Mom Has Passed Away

Mother's Day isn't always the easiest when your mom isn't physically around to celebrate. With countless commercials, advertisements, and reminders of Mother's Day in circulation around this time, it may make those who have experienced loss feel on the outs. While it may be painful to get through this day, here are some ideas for those who wish to commemorate their mom up above.

Kein hässlicher Hund ist niedlicher als dieser

Beziehungsweise der hässlichste niedliche.

Our Engagement

These Texans can get married now, thanks SCOTUS!

A Few Reasons I Love Kaleigh

For Kaleigh Lane Evans

10 Beclothed Animals Who Shall Have Their Revenge On Humans

Humans have a fascination with animals in cute outfits, but animals were never made to wear clothes and they know it. Every time you have them don a cute hat or wear a frilly skirt, they are plotting their inevitable revenge.

31 Tiere, die niedlicher als Katzen sind

Kann man diesen Augen widerstehen?

Why Sebastian The Crab Was My Disney Princess

De human world, it’s ah mess…

9 Valentine's Day Cards That Will Totally Get You A Date

Maybe, not really. True love and what-not.

21 Of The Most Amazing Animal-Human Relationships

Animals are magnificent, let's love and respect them.

Top 5 Struggles Of Being An Artist

Whether you are a good artist or not, we've all been through this.

10 Signs You're Amazing

Who needs to validate your amazingness? You don't.

Chick Relaxes With Cat

A little Chick and Cat relaxing together!

The Cuteness Of Mason Disick

We've all seen the Kardashians, but we all know the Disick clan is the best.

GOATS Are The Best Animals Ever

Goats > sloths. Just saying.

5 Symptoms Of Post World Cup Depression

If you identify any of this symptoms, you're definitely suffering from a Post World Cup Depression.

Hero Army Veteran Risks Life To Save Dog

Army veteran Aaron Schneider saved a beagle's life after the dog was found lying injured on the side of the highway in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

Signs That You're An Ugly Betty

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an Ugly Betty, in fact I think everyone could relate to her in someway or another. She's the absolute best and gives a good example of a person (even though she is a fictional character, I must remember this.)

22 Facts That Will Make You Fall In Love With Red Pandas

They're more than just adorable balls of fur.

Oh, You Don't Like Bats? When Did You Discover You Were A Monster?

Let Ruby the flying fox show you why bat love is pure love.

27 datos sobre los animales que alegrarán tu día

A veces le toca al mundo animal la difícil tarea de restaurar nuestra apreciación por el mundo.

14 Reasons I Have The Best Valentine.

My husband is the best valentine, here's why:

Happy Holidays BuzzFeed!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me, an avid user.

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