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20 Pictures Of People Pissed Off By Piers Morgan

Can you really blame them? Piers Morgan is known for many things. Asking good questions of his guests on "Piers Morgan Tonight" is not one of them. What is good, though, is that--when he does ask something dumb--Morgan's guests are usually not shy about shooting him a dirty look. To illustrate, I captured images of 20 such instances. (h/t Dave Weigel)

1. Ann Coulter

2. Jermaine Jackson

3. Jane Fonda

4. Kathy Griffin

5. Larry King

6. Kelly Osbourne

7. Claire Danes

8. Mary J Blige

9. Christine O'Donnell

10. Chelsea Handler

11. Lenny Kravitz

12. SuBo

13. Michael Moore

14. Lewis Black

15. Meredith Vieira

16. Mickey Rourke

17. Rashida Jones

18. Km and Kourtney Kardashian

19. Nancy Grace

20. William Shatner