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27 Ways To Be Your Chunky Yet Funky Self According To Latrice Royale

Bitch, you betta celebrate those curves. From the one and only drag queen herself.

1. First of all, you gotta admit that you are one fine ass big bitch.

2. Assert your big, bad self in every goddamn conversation.

3. Let no one — NO. BODY. — mess with your chunky self.

4. And if they start to mess, hit em with your sassy ass shakes and curves.


6. You betta have confidence in your own sickening self.

7. No curve should go unaccessorized. Nothing — NOTHING — is ever too big.

8. No matter the situation, your chunky yet funky self is flaw. less.

9. Wear that swimsuit with pride.

10. Don't let anybody tell you not to eat whatever the hell you want.


12. When people give you shit, hit em with the snap.

13. A well flicked hand fan is always chunky, funky accessory number one.

14. And you should always be fanning your fine self.

15. Whenever you make a mistake, look your doubters straight in the face and make. them. eat it.

16. Always be questioning the people trying to bring your chunky self down.

17. Always be whooping ass.

18. Always be shuttin shit down.

19. Don't let someone with skinny legs tell you how to live your life.

20. Never let a little moisture take you down.

21. Find your strengths and own them.

22. When in doubt, channel a lil Beyoncé.

23. Fucking love yourself.

24. Dream your chunky, yet funky dreams, no matter who you are, and be the goddamn best.

25. Because you are you.

26. You are chunky, yet funky. Large and in charge.

27. And you WILL make them eat it.