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30 Times Niall Horan Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction In 2013

So many biceps and butts and selfies.

1. Whenever his beautiful, angelic face is on stage.

2. That time he got a butt tattoo and showed his doughy backside to the entire world.

3. And then when he realized he needed to work on it so he could get to Kardashian bodaciousness.

4. That time he tried to twerk and it was somehow terrible but also beautiful at the same time.

5. When he and his biceps held this baby.

6. When he kissed Zayn on the cheek and you could hear the sound of angels crying softly in the distance.

7. When he did this sassy hand swipe.

8. And these sassy dance moves.

9. And struck this sassy pose.

10. When he and his biceps took this selfie.

11. The time he and his tiny chest hair took this picture with Harry.

12. And this picture with Katy Perry.

13. And this picture with Paul Rudd.

14. When he was physically incapable of comprehending his own adorableness.

15. The time he completely nailed this fist bump.

16. And this basketball bounce.

17. And this dance move.

18. When he singlehandedly captured the essence of the human spirit in one image.

19. When he tried twerking on stage and looked like a beautiful idiot.

20. When he displayed his beautiful, flawless skin and teeth and face on the red carpet.

21. When he danced in his underwear like this and my dreams literally came true.

22. The time he made everyone jealous of these marshmallows.

23. When he wore these glasses.

24. Literally every single time he displayed his flawless dance moves.

25. Which is basically all the time.

26. But especially when it's slow and you can see his biceps.

27. When he made this face and you could see his adorable eye dimples.

28. When he flawlessly summarized his life's priorities.

29. The time this flex literally changed the course of history.

30. And whenever he laughs his adorable, perfect laugh and also flexes his muscles at the same time.


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