The 33 Best Things That Happened On 1D Day

God bless whoever thought of letting One Direction live stream themselves on the internet for seven hours straight.

1. When Zayn and his lookalike went all Zoolander.

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2. When Harry fed Niall and it didn’t look like the first time it had happened.

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3. When Louis was loungin’ in style.

ID: 2024418

4. When Liam and Harry strutted their stuff and Harry came out without his shirt on.

ID: 2024579

5. When Liam and Zayne got kinky backstage.

ID: 2026318

6. When Louis was the world’s most dangerous and beautiful ninja.

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7. When Zayn wasn’t on after the first hour and fans took to Twitter to find “The Mysterious One.”


— THEYRE COMING TO DC (@hersheyhemmings)




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8. When Louis got cheeky about Piers Morgan asking how many girlfriends he’s had.

ID: 2026628

9. When Harry was dripping in sweat.

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10. When Niall was basically naked.

ID: 2026476

11. When Liam gave Zayn a little massage and Harry didn’t look happy about it.

ID: 2026286

12. When Niall and Harry acted out Ghost and it was perfect.

ID: 2026435

13. This perfect freudian slip.

ID: 2026280

14. When Louis worked on his fitness.

ID: 2026507

15. When Zayn spray painted all the walls and didn’t even care.

ID: 2026522

16. When Harry took a leap of faith.

ID: 2026384

17. When Louis got to play footie.

ID: 2026606

18. When Liam rubbed his hands through his hair and you realized how soft it must be.

ID: 2026429

All the dancing…

ID: 2024751

20. When Niall dyed his hair purple and it actually looked beautiful.

ID: 2026596

21. When Louis was so excited even though they didn’t break any world records.

ID: 2026527

22. When Harry got serious about his cooking.

ID: 2024528

23. Anytime Zayn smiled.

ID: 2024558

24. When it was reveled that Harry sleeps with a giant stuffed bear.

ID: 2024448

25. When Niall worked on his glutes.

ID: 2026612

26. When Zayn said that his middle name was Beyonce.

ID: 2026639

And the most insane meme was born.

ID: 2026641

27. When Louis went cross eyed.

ID: 2024272

28. When Liam took one for the team.

ID: 2026402

29. When Louis proved to be the best Bollywood dancer in the world.

ID: 2026494

30. When Liam couldn’t hold back his excitement.

ID: 2024075

31. When Louis and Niall had technical difficulties and Louis responded by being adorable.

ID: 2026543

32. When Harry randomly left to get some frozen yogurt.

ID: 2026500

33. And when it was all over and you finally got to breath again.

ID: 2026603

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