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30 Times Liam Payne Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction In 2013

Abs, arms, face, everything.

1. When he looked like a beautiful mix between David Beckham and Justin Timberlake.

2. When he changed the face of the Earth with a single thrust of his flawless chest.

3. When Harry could not contain his lust for Liam's onstage perfection.

4. Literally anytime he was in a suit.

5. Which is a lot of times because he always looks perfect.

6. When he wore this jacket and everybody was like, "Liam, punch me in the face, this is the hottest anybody has ever looked in a jacket."

7. And then when he wore this jacket and everybody was like, "Liam, please. Please stop wearing these jackets. You are literally ruining my life. I'm going to die."

8. And then when he wore this jacket and everybody was like, "I hate you and your beautiful face and hair and jacket, how dare you."

9. When Zayn did Liam's bottom.

10. And then rubbed him from thighs to nipples.

11. When he showed off his flawless leg moves.

12. When he looked like the hottest and also most adorable policeman of all time.

13. When he smiled and my body physically combust into a raging fireball of hot dust and ash.

14. When he brought the strongest beard game.

15. When Louis could not contain his awe over Liam's flawless face.

16. When he made this sassy duck face.

17. When he displayed these gorgeous abs while washing the dishes.

18. The time he contemplated his own body and passed out from the amount of steam emitting from his rippled skin.

19. The time he flexed his muscles while singing and his bicep bulged and the little vein popped out and literally nothing else in the entire world mattered in the slightest.

20. When he winked and smiled and bit his lip and ripped my heart out and stomped on it.

21. When he did the most adorable little bop.

22. And rubbed his lips and stubble.

23. And danced like this.

24. And also danced like this and literally everything was 100% perfect.

25. When he climbed onto was is now officially the luckiest pole on the face of this planet.

26. When he ran into a room in the way that you believe Liam always runs into a room.

27. When he thrusted his biceps.

28. When he danced the dorkiest, most adorable dance.

29. And then went immediately to being a nipple-rubbing weirdo.

30. And basically every time he smiled his perfect, gorgeous, adorable smile.


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