29 Pictures Of Oprah Posing With Things On Instagram

Forget the Oprah Winfrey Network. This should be Oprah's full-time job.

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5. With Some Big Leaves.

Via gramfeed.com

Leaving One Sandy Lane Villa. Now on my top 3 list of favorite hotels. They are planting Coconut tree in my honor. Amazing service. Thanks Richard Hunt and entire staff. Felt like being on a great yacht!

8. With a Big Zit and a Zit-Popping Doctor

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"Happiest moment: Dr.Christy Hurt comes to give me a shot for the big honking zits on my forehead. Honking zits not good for movie close ups."

23. With Some Shovels and a Tree and also Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher.

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"Planting an "Oprah Oak" with Mike and Carrie on their new dream house property. Interview this Sunday nite NEXT CHAPTER"

24. With a Bunch of Flowers from Stedman.

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"Stedman's so sweet; had each dog send a separate bouquet with a paw note. Happy Mother's day to all you real moms. Hardest job on earth. I salute you!"