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23 Times Neil Patrick Harris Did Something Legendary In 2012

LEGEN...wait for it...DARY!

1. That time he and his family dressed like this for Halloween.

2. That time he dressed like this before Halloween.

3. That time he went to a Madonna concert and made this face.

4. That time he "got high" at a hot-air balloon show.

5. That time he posed like this in Paris.

6. That time he won an Emmy for hosting the Tony Awards and then made this face.

7. That time he was blown away with a Lego Woody and Buzz.

8. That time he posed with McKayla Maroney.

9. That time he went on vacation with Elton John.

10. That time Oprah came to his house.

11. And that time Oprah blessed his dog.

12. And that time he made pizza for Oprah.

13. That time he helped feed the homeless and also he was dressed super dapper.

14. That time he battled a bunch of ninjas dressed as Caesar.

15. That time he hosted the Tony Awards again.

16. And that time he hung like Spiderman.

17. That time this picture with Taylor Swift happened.

18. And that time this picture with Snoop and Jordin Sparks happened.

19. That time he and his fiancé were on the cover of Out magazine's love issue.

20. And when they were all cuddly inside it.

21. That time this happened after the Oscars.

22. That time he lit up a Christmas tree with Barack.

23. And that time he lifted his daughter with the sheer, legendary power of NPH.