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21 Struggles Of Having A Significant Other Who’s A Picky Eater

"Is there coconut in this?"

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2. But as time went on, it became the bane of your existence.

My face when we're trying to find somewhere to eat and one of the people is a picky eater #itsjustfood

4. You've gotten into full on arguments over the most ridiculous things. Like the proper way to slice a muffin.

Should muffins be sliced horizontally or halved by hand vertically? Feuding couple calls in:


6. Sometimes it's just easier ordering separate pizzas.

9. You order from the kid’s menu so often that people probably think you have a young child at home.

Dear future husband. Please download this app. Because I'm a hella picky eater. Thanks.

10. It may have taken a few tries, but you've become pretty familiar with their excessive list of likes and dislikes.

11. And when it comes to likes, you know that when they're into something...they're ALL FUCKING IN.

Valerie is a picky eater. She doesn't like a lot of food. BUT when she does, the whole world knows it.


13. You try to watch your favorite cooking competitions when they're not around.

18. You worry that they might pass their picky eating habits on to your kids.

You know, they say that your cilantro preference is genetic!

21. But are thrown through another loop when you go out, and they won't order that dish that YOU SAW them eat just a few days ago.

And they say something like, "I only enjoy Brussels Sprouts when you make them," which leaves you even more confused than ever.