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    27 Insanely Smart Ways To Save Money At Whole Foods

    The ultimate guide to avoid spending your whole paycheck.

    1. Check for local deals online.

    2. Don't forget about manufacturer coupons.

    3. Find out about unadvertised local sales.

    4. Follow your local store on social media platforms for surprise deals and sales.

    5. Bring lots of reusable bags, since you get a discount for each one.

    6. Compare the prices of 365 Everyday Value products to name brands.

    Whole Food’s 365 Everyday Value line of products are usually on the cheaper end, especially compared to some of the more exclusive brands they also carry. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for the 365 logo, but don’t assume that just because something is 365 that it’s the cheapest option. Always make sure you compare prices before buying.

    7. Be on the lookout for yellow and red tags.

    8. Try before you buy.

    9. Get a supplement punch card.

    If you buy a lot of 365 brand supplements, ask someone at your store if they have a supplement punch card program. The exact offer varies, but at many locations you'll get 10 bucks off after spending $100 on 365 Everyday Value brand supplements.

    10. Start your shopping trip in the bulk section.

    11. Don't be shy about weighing items and using the calculator on your phone to keep spending in check.

    12. Buy spices in bulk too!

    13. Bring your own containers.

    14. Buy cases and save 10%.

    15. Always purchase six bottles of wine at a time.

    16. Buy seasonal items.

    17. Avoid containers of diced fruits and vegetables like THE PLAGUE!

    18. For smaller produce needs, get items from the salad bar.

    19. If you buy fresh squeezed juices often, consider larger bottles, and look out for sales.

    20. Ask the butcher about bulk meat deals.

    21. Watch out for expensive frozen and prepackaged meals.

    22. Make your own pizzas.

    23. Don't EVER buy more cheese than you need.

    24. Don’t put heavy items in your salad.

    25. The fresh fruit may look delicious, but DO NOT buy fruit from the salad bar.

    26. Bring back glass milk containers.

    27. Return items that you change your mind about, or that go bad quickly.