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    Does Disney Jail Really Exist?

    Everyone talks about a mysterious purgatory you get sent to if you misbehave at a Disney theme park. But is it real?

    Over the years there have been countless reports — and tweets — from people claiming to have been to a mysterious "Disney jail."

    when my mom was 15 she snuck into Disneyland & she got caught so she went to Disneyland jail 😂

    So Disney jail is actually a thing lmao

    Currently working on my memoir, Mouse Is the New Black: My Hour in a Disneyland Jail.

    Only plus side about Disneyland jail was being able to take a nap and charge my phone

    Shoplifting appears to be one of the main reasons for guests claiming to have been sent to the Disney prison.

    When I was 12, a friend stayed with us because her parents were having "problems." She shoplifted at Disneyland and we went to Disney jail.

    Although being drunk at Disneyland also seems like a good way to get your ass behind mouse-shaped bars.


    And vaping.

    also teens were vaping behind a curtain in the Moments With Mr. Lincoln pavillion and they got caught and thrown in Disney jail!

    "Disney jail" appears to be not quite an actual jail, but a room run by Disney security where they take you as they figure out what to do with you.

    Here's a video of the alleged happiest jail on earth.

    Back in 2009, Blake Lively told David Letterman she and her brother got sent to "Disney jail" at Disneyland for trying to sneak in without paying.

    View this video on YouTube

    "My brother thought it was a really good idea for us to go to Disneyland… So he put hairspray on the stamps of someone who came out, and then you put your hands together [to transfer the stamp to your hand] and then you go through the turnstile and we went through. Then there were these guys in normal outfits that said, 'Come with us,' and we went into Disney jail."

    "My mom was with us," Lively said, who claims they were "incarcerated" for about an hour. "It was an honor being put in Disney jail, and I'm trying to find ways to act out again so I can be put in Disney jail. But not real jail."

    Reputable news organizations have claimed that the jail exists.

    And a former park employee confirms in an article on Cracked that there is some sort of security holding pen at the park in Anaheim.

    So…does Disney jail exist???

    Disney declined to comment on the record to BuzzFeed about specifics of a Disney jail, but said rumors of it are "misleading" and a "wives' tale."

    But it's clear that if you disturb the Disney peace by stealing or being too turnt, security WILL take you to some sort of holding pen and potentially confiscate your park passes.

    Be careful out there!