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    Britney Spears Confirms New Single Will Be Released On May 5th

    Britney's on the cover of People and also admits she's trying to get her "tan on" in Hawaii since they're "shooting the video really soon."

    Britney graces the cover of the new People and dropped some major BOMBS that all of us fans will appreciate.

    Jeff Lipsky / People Magazine / Via

    The issue hits newsstands this Friday.

    First of all, People confirmed that Britney’s new single (a collaboration with Iggy Azalea) is going to drop on May 5th!

    People Magazine / Via

    Which is just a little over a month away…

    Second, they're SHOOTING A FUCKING VIDEO! And "really soon" apparently!

    People Magazine / Via

    Iggy and Britney in a video together? Yes please!

    In the interview we learn a few other things about our girl, like the fact that Britney is taking algebra classes so she can help her boys with their homework.

    People Magazine /
    People Magazine /

    And that Britney took her family to Hawaii for spring break...

    People Magazine / Via

    Where Britney is keeping busy, and drinking VIRGIN piña coladas ONLY!

    People Magazine / Via

    Watch the full (albeit short) interview below.

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