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Belle Was Literally The Fucking Worst

Definitely the worst Disney princess IMO.

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Let me start by saying that I'm a huge Disney fan. Although I totally love me some Beauty and the Beast, there's one thing I've never quite been able to get over...

1. First of all, consider this: Her family is obviously super rich. They own a gigantic piece of property just walking distance from a quaint French village — as opposed to everyone in the nearby town, none of whom seem to own much land.


2. She's also known for being the "most beautiful" girl in town. Which obviously isn't her fault, but it would be hard for something like that not to go to your head.


6. Then think about this: The "bookshop" that Belle frequents is a "bookseller," not a library. Meaning dude sells books for a living. We've already established that Belle is totally rich, but she doesn't actually buy any books from the guy.


Instead, she takes a freebie and doesn't even offer to compensate him for the book.


Now, I can get past the fact that Belle didn't want to dine with the Beast the same night she became a prisoner. I can also get past the fact that she put his servants at risk of getting into trouble by requesting food outside of pre-approved meal times.

14. But I CANNOT GET PAST Belle using her finger to sample the food. It's just so unsanitary!


I mean, either grab the whole damn thing or use a spoon to sample. God only knows the last time that finger was washed?

16. And not two minutes into the tour that SHE ASKED FOR, Belle decides to ditch her guides and go to the only place in the entire castle that she was warned to avoid.

What part of the word "forbidden" does she not understand?


17. She sees what appears to be a magical rose protected by glass, then removes the glass — without asking for permission — and attempts to touch it.

The fuck was she thinking? Girl has no idea what would happen if she were to touch the rose and, more important, doesn't care.

19. Then we have the ending. First, Belle gets rewarded for her behavior with a hot AF prince. Then, she invites all of her friends over to flaunt her new romance by forcing everyone to watch them dance.

Why was no one allowed to join in on the dancing? Talk about a shitty party.

Now, obviously Belle isn't all bad, and I recognize she has some redeeming qualities... But the bad outweighs the good IMO.

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