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    "I Can't Feel Or See Anything": 16 Of 2022's Saddest TV Moments (So Far)

    Beloved TV characters are here to win our hearts and die brutally, and they've already won our hearts.

    A little while ago, I asked the avid television viewers of the BuzzFeed Community to share the saddest TV moments from 2022 (so far). After sorting through their submissions and shedding some very professional and writer-ly tears, I'm happy (well...sort of) to present 16 of the most emotionally devastating moments to grace our screens this year.

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. Also, there are spoilers ahead for Stranger Things, Pachinko, The Summer I Turned Pretty, This Is Us, Better Call Saul, Station 11, Only Murders in the Building, 1883, Derry Girls, Euphoria, Moon Knight, and Mayans M.C. 

    1. "Eddie Munson. That poor boy was ridiculed by the town of Hawkins, and yet he still tried to save them. Him telling Dustin to take care of the lost sheep broke my heart. And then Dustin having to tell Eddie’s uncle after everything happened was just rubbing salt in the wound. Eddie Munson died a hero and we all know that no one in Hawkins besides Dustin will ever truly understand just how amazing of a person he was. I remember just sobbing when Eddie cut the rope because we all knew what would happen next. He didn’t run away that time."

    last moments of eddie as he tells dustin to look after the sheep for him

    2. "Eddie Munson’s death is sad, yes. But what really had me ugly sobbing was watching his uncle swap out the vandalized missing person poster and then Dustin telling his uncle what happened and that Eddie died a hero and both of them crying together. That really brought home the reality of it and cut DEEP."

    Dustin telling Eddie's uncle that Eddie died a hero

    3. "So much of Pachinko, but for me, especially the scene when Sunja’s mom, Yangjin, begs the rice merchant for some Korean-grown white rice so that her daughter could experience a final taste of her homeland before leaving for Japan, with both of them knowing that her daughter would likely never return home nor see her mother again."

    sunja asking a man for a taste of her mother country

    4. "The scene in the finale of The Summer I Turned Pretty when the kids find out about Susannah’s cancer. When the Fisher boys are begging her to go through with the medical trial, I full-on sobbed."

    the fisher boys begging for Susannah to get treatment

    5. "I have not and may never recover from Elsa’s death in 1883."

    Elsa dying while saying that she just wants to sit down and rest by a tree

    6. "Miguel’s death episode on This Is Us was the saddest of all six seasons for me. Took me several days to recover."

    the family mourning Miguel

    7. "Watching Frank die on Station Eleven. You knew something bad was coming but when it happened it was so much more sad than I had expected. The show overall is so emotional but that's what makes it good!"

    Frank saying he's not leaving as he bleeds out

    8. "Max screaming that she couldn’t feel or see anything in Lucas's arms right before dying. Even if she comes back next season, that scene still has all of my broken heart."

    Max saying she's not ready to die

    9. "On Derry Girls, when you learn that Clare's father died. Gerry Quinn comes up to the girls and James puts his arm around Orla, who keeps asking if Clare's dad will be okay. Then finally, all of them run over to hug Clare after she walks into the waiting room crying."

    the group being there for Clare

    10. "Jimmy and Kim breaking up on Better Call Saul literally felt like my parents were divorcing. 'I love you.' 'I love you too...but so what?'"

    Kim saying i love you too but so what

    11. "Coco from Mayans M.C.! He got over his drug addiction, he got his girl, he got his daughter, and he was on his way to getting his club back. Then he gets taken out by the Sons of all people. Broke my heart."

    Coco and hope on the phone before he ends up dead

    12. "While he is a horrible, horrible person, Cal from Euphoria’s backstory was incredibly sad to watch. He may have possibly been a good person had things turned out differently."

    Cal talking to his crush and dancing with him at a bar

    13. "Howard's death in Better Call Saul. Howard was a nice guy; his mistake was being at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was a random kill and was forever buried with his killer."

    howard being shot

    14. "The 'Running Up That Hill' scene. It made me cry every time I saw it."

    max running from Vecna while the song plays in the background

    15. "In Episode 5 of Moon Knight when Marc breaks down after the death of his mother and Steven tells him that his brother’s death was not his fault. The whole series was brilliant but this scene in particular was utterly heartbreaking. Oscar Isaac really did an incredible job portraying both Marc and Steven."

    16. And finally: "I said this in another article, but I am still not over the episode of Bunny's last day from Only Murders In The Building. They had this whole episode following Bunny (who was murdered) around. How she was going to retire from running the apartment building and her plans. Later on, she decided against it, and the woman that was going to take over Bunny's position chewed her out and said hurtful things to Bunny. Then Bunny could hear the trio (Short, Martin, and Gomez) laughing and having fun through her vent. So she went over with champagne hoping to join them and they took the champagne, had awkward conversation, thanked her, and slammed the door in her face. She stood there for a minute and then started crying and OMG, I felt that pain. Then she walked back to her apartment to watch a show with her bird and she ended up getting murdered."

    the trio taking the champagne from bunny then wondering to themselves if she had wanted to join

    Okay, now I'm openly weeping, so let's lighten up the mood a lil' in the comments section: What is the funniest or most satisfying TV moment you've seen in 2022? Tell us about them below!