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The 20 Most Touching Moments In "Pachinko" (So Far)

Intimate portrayals of family experiences from the Asian epic's first season.

Apple TV's Pachinko is a gorgeously shot take on the spectacular novel by Min Jin Lee, weaving dream-like scenery and ethereal music with the harsh realities of wartime, generational trauma, and greed. The show follows a Korean family starting during the second world war through 80 years of immigration, births, deaths, and dreams for the next generation.

two women wearing scarves

Here are some of the most touching moments I loved from the first season.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. Sunja's dad Hoonie watching her dive

Sunja's dad holding his breath

2. When Koh Hansu turns on her out of anger and hurt

Koh Hansu gripping Sunja's face in anger

3. Sunja's mom Yangjin buying rice for her daughter's wedding

Sunja eating the precious rice her mother bought

4. Sunja's mother giving her advice before Sunja and Isak leave for Japan

Sunja's mother giving her money as they say farewell at the boat

5. Solomon and Sunja visting Korean lady to convince her to sell

Older Sunja and Solomon having dinner with older Asian lady

6. Korean singer who commits suicide on the ship

Korean singer lying in pool of blood after stabbing herself

7. Solomon blowing his deal/career up and dancing in the rain

Solomon dancing in the rain in the street

8. Dokhee and Bokhee's come-to-reality talk about their prospects

Bokhee berating Dokhee as they do laundry by the creek

9. Sunja and Bokhee reuniting

Bokhee and Sunja sitting at a table

10. Kyunghee's kindness to Sunja and recognition she is the strongest one

Kyunghee speaking to Sunja after Sunja sells her watch

11. Koh Hansu and his father's relationship

Hansu and his father having a picnic

12. Koh Hansu seeing his father losing it all to a prostitute

Hansu standing by as his father asks for his money back from a prostitute

13. Koreans being aimlessly murdered and blamed as outsiders after the earthquake

Japanese mob torching a barn where Korean escapees are hiding

14. Sunja and Isak's first night together as a couple

Sunja and Isak laying together in bed

15. Hana and Etsuko's hospital reunion

Etsuko feeding Hana as Hana cries

16. Solomon and Mozasu's fight over whether Pachinko is good enough for Solomon

Mozasu speaking to Solomon

17. Hana's "It's time to stop feeling sorry for yourself" speech

Hana speaking to Solomon as she's dying in bed

18. When Yoseb is fired because of Isak's arrest

Yoseb's boss saying "but they say you can't fight blood" to Yoseb

19. Solomon's run with Hana to "Hawaii" as she dies

Solomon putting a lei on Hana

20. The zainichi interviewed at the end of the last episode

A photo of a zainichi who was interviewed

What was your favorite moment from Pachinko's first season?

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