14 “Great British Bake Off” Moments From Pastry Week That Were Stressful, And 19 That Were So Pure

    "I'm not a chouxnutter. At all."

    Welcome to this week's stressful/delightful recap of The Great British Bake Off!

    the title card for the show

    This week, the remaining seven bakers went head-to-head with pastry. Here are 19 undeniably delightful moments from the episode, plus 14 exceptionally stressful ones.

    Warning: Spoilers (and potential emotional turmoil) ahead.  

    1. DELIGHTFUL: This shoe/choux pun, and Noel's expression of utter disapproval in response to it.

    Matt says he has a shoe pastry (as in a pastry shaped like a shoe)

    2. STRESSFUL: Thinking about whichever poor baker was recruited to make an edible sneaker on their day off. Was it Jürgen? Chigs? A group effort?

    the edible shoe

    Signature Challenge: Chouxnuts

    the sketch of Lizzie's caramel and floral chouxnuts

    3. DELIGHTFUL: Hey, it's a falcon! (Full disclosure: It may not be a falcon. Either way, cool bird, it's been a tough 18 months, let's celebrate it.)

    A falcon, maybe

    4. DELIGHTFUL: The fact that Chigs is so in the zone, he lunged for his supplies before anyone even said "bake."

    Chigs reaches for supplies before Matt says Bake

    5. STRESSFUL: Seeing Lizzie look around the tent and wonder, "Have I been damned to make chouxnuts for an eternity?"

    Lizzie saying, I mean, if I went to hell, I feel like this is what my hell would be

    6. DELIGHTFUL: Realizing that "baking stances" are a recurring theme of this season.

    jurgen laughs at the judges noticing his baking stances

    It's not quite as extreme as Giuseppe's from German Week, though.

    Giuseppe's wide stance while baking

    7. STRESSFUL: Watching Lizzie face her fear of the deep fryer, which I've never thought too much about but yeah, it is just a vat of boiling oil, huh?

    Lizzie says that fryers scare her and that she's shaking

    8. DELIGHTFUL: Paul, at long last, breaking his policy of silently glaring at bakers to tell George how to open the tongs he's been fiddling with for 15 silent seconds.

    Paul watches George struggle with tongs

    George is the most relatable baker left in the tent.

    a meme in which a struggling george is me loading the dishwasher and an annoyed paul is my roommates watching me

    9. STRESSFUL: The fact that while everyone else is filling their chouxnuts with pastry bags, Crystelle went and found herself a giant syringe.

    Crystelle injecting her donut

    10. STRESSFUL: Watching this miniature tragedy unfold.

    All of the filling comes out of Giuseppe's pastry bag at once

    11. DELIGHTFUL: George keeping things light in a tense moment.

    George making donut goggles

    12. DELIGHTFUL: Prue saying this, which I present without comment.

    Prue saying, Quite often I need two holes so that I can squirt (in regards to donut filling)

    13. DELIGHTFUL: Jürgen's chouxnuts and their bright purple ube filling.

    the bright purple filled chouxnuts

    14. DELIGHTFUL: Giuseppe's chouxnuts. I didn't know what a chouxnut was before watching this episode (and I'm still not entirely convinced that they weren't made up for the purposes of this show), but if the concept were described to me, Giuseppe's version is what I would've imagined.

    Giuseppe's chouxnuts

    15. DELIGHTFUL: Lizzie triumphing over her fryer phobia and getting what she called her "best Signature feedback."

    Lizzie's chouxnuts

    Technical Challenge: Large Baklava with Filo Pastry

    An extremely complicated baclava

    16. STRESSFUL: Crystelle reacting like this to the announcement that they're going to have to make their own filo dough. I think we've established by this point that I really don't know all that much about baking, but this seems like a bad sign. (A few seconds later, Matt's narration confirms that this is the first time ever that contestants have been asked to make the "notoriously complicated" filo pastry for a Technical, so yeah, not good.)

    17. STRESSFUL: This glimpse of the elaborate diagram bakers were given to explain how their baklava should be cut up, as if they didn't have enough to worry about.

    a super elaborate star design

    18. STRESSFUL: Lizzie forgetting to set her timer, scandalizing the other contestants.

    George looks shocked while he drinks his tea

    19. DELIGHTFUL: The fact that every single baker is able to produce something that at least resembles the example, which seems like a truly Herculean task.

    Chigs baklava

    20. DELIGHTFUL: Jürgen placing first in the Technical...

    Jurgen's baklava

    ...and then having this to say about it.

    Jurgen says: What a day. Incredible. Jürgen-ator seems to be back.

    Showstopper Challenge: A Terrine Pie

    a sketch of Jurgen's pie

    21. DELIGHTFUL: Discovering that Jürgen has an allegiance to three great nations: Germany, Great Britain, and the city of Boston.

    Jurgen wearing a Boston sweatshirt

    22. DELIGHTFUL: Amanda's itty-bitty pork pigs.

    Amanda's tiny pig-shaped pork buns

    23. STRESSFUL: George accidentally freezing the main component of his pie. Also, Matt's narration about it, which I once again present without comment.

    Matt says: George's giant sausage is rock hard

    24. DELIGHTFUL: This Greek dance break that occurs while everyone is waiting for their pies to cook.

    Giuseppe, Matt, Amanda, and George dancing together

    25. STRESSFUL: George deciding to pull his pie out of the oven to fix its top, and risking the possibility of a raw Showstopper.

    George fixing his pie while Giuseppe looks on in horror

    26. STRESSFUL: This Paul Hollywood balloon, which will haunt my dreams for the rest of my life.

    A scary drawing of Paul Hollywood on a balloon

    27. STRESSFUL: George infusing the phrase "soggy bottom" with more despair than I thought possible after all of the juices from his pie start to leak out.

    George says soggy bottom with a terrified expression

    28. STRESSFUL: The top half of Amanda's pie breaking away when she tries to take it out of the tin. I've never shed tears over a pie, but today, my friends, I came close.

    Amanda's pie breaking while everyone reacts

    29. DELIGHTFUL: Giuseppe's embarrassingly perfect pie.

    Giuseppe's owl shaped pie

    30. DELIGHTFUL: Jürgen's exquisite Showstopper.

    Jurgen's neat and well-baked pie

    31. DELIGHTFUL: Crystelle receiving a coveted Showstopper handshake for her chicken curry pie. Even more heartwarming, the pie was a tribute to her late great-grandmother and designed to look like her house.

    Crystelle's hand being shook for her pie

    Final Results

    the bakers all sitting in a row

    32. DELIGHTFUL: Crystelle being named this week's Star Baker, and making this face in response.

    Crystelle's mouth drops open

    33. STRESSFUL: Saying goodbye to Amanda, a warm and fun-loving presence in the tent.

    Amanda looking sad

    This concludes our Pastry Week recap! What were your favorite moments from this episode? Tell us about them in the comments!