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    8 “Great British Bake Off” Moments From Bread Week That Were Stressful, And 23 That Were So Pure

    "You are the first person in the history of this show to make invisible bread."

    Welcome to this week's stressful/delightful recap of The Great British Bake Off!

    the title card for the great british baking show
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    You can check out last week's recap here

    This week, our brave bakers face off with bread. Here are 23 absolutely wonderful moments from the episode, plus 8 extremely stressful ones.

    Warning: Spoilers (and potential emotional turmoil) ahead.  

    1. DELIGHTFUL: The opening sketch, which implies that Paul Hollywood's famous bread is so overrated, even a fish wouldn't want it for its last meal.

    A fish assesses the bread Noel's using as bait as over-proved and disgusting

    Shoutout to the lil' Union Jack flags around the kiddie pool. That's attention to detail right there. 

    Signature Challenge: Focaccia

    Giuseppe's olive-laden "Breakfast in Gaeta" focaccia

    2. DELIGHTFUL: The fact that we've finally found Waldo.

    Noel in a red and white striped sweater

    Call off the books, everyone, we've got him! (And yeah, yeah, it's Where's Wally? in the U.K.) 

    3. DELIGHTFUL: Lizzie's suspicions about the sentience of bread.

    Lizzie says she doesn't like making bread because she doesn't know what its thinking

    4. STRESSFUL: Paul giving George this look when the contestant confessed that he didn't use all his water to make his dough.

    Paul giving George a look of utter intensity

    5. STRESSFUL: This lil' bit of cupcake humor to remind us all that this wonderful slice of feel-good entertainment is being filmed during an ongoing pandemic.


    6. DELIGHTFUL: The fact that me and Freya are clearly on the same page here.

    Freya says to Noel, you do look a lot like Where's Wally

    7. DELIGHTFUL: Chigs playing along with Matt's invisible bread bit.

    Chigs cuts his invisible bread after matt congratulates him on it

    (Thankfully, Chigs' focaccia does eventually reappear.)

    Chigs with his real focaccia

    8. DELIGHTFUL: Noel's mild, mid-challenge existential crisis.

    Noel and Giuseppe laugh together about Noel saying "I used to be funny"

    9. DELIGHTFUL: Rochica using her focaccia as a canvas on which to paint a vegetable garden.

    A garden made out of veggies on Rochica's focaccia

    10. DELIGHTFUL: Giuseppe receiving the season's first Paul Hollywood Handshake™, and then tearing up because he didn't believe it would ever happen to him.

    Giuseppe getting the handshake then tearing up

    TECHNICAL: Ciabatta Breadsticks

    A stack of breadsticks

    11. STRESSFUL: The ongoing existential crises of the hosts.

    Noel describes Paul rubbing Tzatziki sauce into Prue's feet, then he and Matt decide being on the show is a nightmare

    I know I marked Existential Crisis #1 as "delightful" during the Signature Challenge, but the tzatziki foot massage bumped this up to "stressful." 

    12. DELIGHTFUL: Noel leaning into it.

    Noel in a Where's Waldo costume with a hat and glasses

    13. STRESSFUL: None of the bakers knowing how long to prove or bake their dough, and Crystelle's breadsticks ending up floppy because she only baked them for 15 minutes.

    Crystelle continues to prove her breadsticks instead of baking them

    14. DELIGHTFUL: Jürgen's olive eyes.

    Jurgen says "olive eyes" in his breadsticks are looking out at him

    15. STRESSFUL: The fact that being "bready" during Bread Week is a bad thing???

    Paul says the breadsticks are a bit bready, but taste good

    16. DELIGHTFUL: When Giuseppe, having already gotten the Paul Hollywood Handshake™, places first in the Technical!

    Giuseppe raises his hand to be first

    Showstopper: A Themed Display Using Milk Bread

    Maggie's "Things You'd Find in a Rock Pool" sketch

    17. DELIGHTFUL: Giuseppe putting on his Serious Baking headband.

    Giuseppe putting in his headband

    We now interrupt our regularly schedule program so Jürgen can explain what the hell milk bread is:

    Jurgen: Milk bread just means that you replace the water content in the dough with milk

    Thanks, Jürgen! 

    18. DELIGHTFUL: Freya claiming victory over Noel in an impromptu arm wrestling match.

    Noel says, she beat me!

    The bakers tend to find Bread Week extremely stressful, but it also involves an unusually large amount of "screwing around while waiting for dough to prove," allowing for moments such as this one. 

    19. DELIGHTFUL: A good old-fashioned Bake Off innuendo, courtesy of George.

    George presses his thumb into dough then asks, this is a family show, right?

    20. STRESSFUL: The cold, dead, tinfoil eyes of Amanda's octopus.

    Amanda's octopus baking

    21. DELIGHTFUL: Jürgen seeing a "bun in the oven" opportunity, and taking it.

    Noel says "baby in the oven?" and jurgen responds, coincidentally, it's a bun as well

    22. STRESSFUL: The possibility that George's koala could fall right off its milk bread eucalyptus branch.

    George says, The only thing holding this koala together is my hands. It looked fine a second ago!

    23. DELIGHTFUL: But then, from the jaws of defeat, George snatching glorious, adorable, marsupial victory.

    George's final koala

    24. DELIGHTFUL: Lizzie's milk bread pig, Susie.

    Lizzie's final bake

    25. STRESSFUL: The backstory of why, exactly, the sculpture is named Susie. (It's in tribute to Lizzie's dearly departed pet pig.)

    Lizzie says she had to put her pet pig down when he slipped on ice

    Paul, Noel, and Matt are representing the three possible responses to this story: Nervous laughter, shock, and confusion. 

    26. DELIGHTFUL: Chigs' picnic basket. I mean, look at those GRAPES! Masterful.

    Chigs' picnic basket sculpture

    27. STRESSFUL: Paul cutting into Jürgen's bread baby. I know it's bread, but I still audibly said, "You monster."

    Paul cutting into the bread baby

    28. DELIGHTFUL: Giuseppe's truly sublime selection of fruits and vegetables.

    Giuseppe's five vegetables and fruits a day

    29. DELIGHTFUL: Amanda's gorgeous octopus.

    Prue says, you can see how tender the loaf is

    Reminds me of my favorite book.

    Fitzgerald's "tender is the night," with night crossed out and replaced with loaf
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    Final Results

    The bakers lined up, waiting for results

    Spoilers below! 

    30. DELIGHTFUL: Giuseppe's serene expression as the Bake Off judges name him Star Baker, and Italy smiles down upon her favorite son.

    Giuseppe smiling

    31. STRESSFUL: Saying goodbye to Rochica, a truly delightful baker (and human being).

    Rochica smiling as she's told she's going home

    Yet another wonderful contestant lost to the cruel capriciousness of Bread Week. 

    This concludes our Bread Week recap! What were your favorite moments from this episode? Tell us about them in the comments!