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    17 "Great British Bake Off" Moments From This Week That Were So Heartwarming, Plus 14 Anxiety-Inducing Ones

    A biscuit's motor breaks, because this is the type of show where biscuits have motors.

    Welcome to this week's stressful/delightful recap of The Great British Bake Off!

    The title card for the show
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    This week, our beloved bakers take on biscuits. Here are 17 utterly delightful moments from the episode, plus 14 ridiculously stressful ones.

    Warning: Spoilers (and potential emotional turmoil) ahead.  

    1. DELIGHTFUL: The opening sketch, which casts Noel and Matt as doomed biscuits in the path of a voracious Paul Hollywood.

    Paul eats Matt and Noel, who have become biscuits

    Signature Challenge: Brandy Snaps

    A sketch of Lizzie's fast food apple pie brandy snaps

    2. DELIGHTFUL: Lizzie's "fast shoes." Honorable mention to her adorable daisy socks.

    Lizzie's floral crocs

    3. STRESSFUL: When Lizzie confessed — possibly within earshot of Paul "Cakes and Biscuits Are Serious Business" Hollywood — that she spent her practice time revisiting the Wizarding World.

    Lizzie tells Matt she watched Harry Potter instead of practicing

    4. DELIGHTFUL: The revelation that Freya spends her free time riding her horse, Winnie, on the beach and looking like the cover of a romance novel you can buy at the airport (in the best possible way).

    Freya rides Winnie, then tells her she's beautiful

    5. DELIGHTFUL: When Jürgen got into the science of his biscuit filling.


    6. DELIGHTFUL: Baby Giuseppe! Enough said.

    A picture of Baby Giuseppe

    7. STRESSFUL: Realizing that while other bakers are already baking their brandy snaps, Giuseppe made his filling first and still hasn't started the biscuit itself.

    Paul questing Giuseppe about his timing techniques

    8. STRESSFUL: When Giuseppe dropped his second batch of biscuits, and my heart briefly stopped.

    Giuseppe drops his biscuits on their way into the oven

    9. STRESSFUL: When Amanda's brandy snaps fell apart when Paul tried to pick one up.

    The brandy snaps melting and snapping

    10. DELIGHTFUL: When George was unhappy with his biscuits, and Prue offered some (typically posh) encouragement.

    George says he doesn't like his biscuits, and Prue calls them original and sensational

    11. DELIGHTFUL: When both me and the judges realized that we were foolish to ever doubt Giuseppe's vast baking wisdom.

    Giuseppe's perfect tour of snaps

    12. DELIGHTFUL: When Matt tasted Jürgen's snaps, then shook his hand.

    Matt tells Jurgen his handshake means nothing, and Jurgen says it means a lot to him

    Technical Challenge: Sandwiched Jammy Biscuits

    The example platter of the biscuits

    13. STRESSFUL: When Rochica burned her first batch of jam, which I didn't even know you could do. To be honest, I've never thought about how jam is made before, and I guess I sort of assumed you just squished stuff? But apparently, heat is involved.

    Rochica's burnt jam

    14. STRESSFUL: When the soft biscuit dough fell apart as Amanda (and some of her fellow bakers) attempted to cut out a heart shape as Hollywood commanded.

    The heart falls apart as Amanda tries to pull it out

    15. DELIGHTFUL: When Noel poetically described Paul Hollywood's butt, and Maggie wasn't *that* opposed to the idea.

    Noel: I've seen it. Like two beige moons, dancing in the sky. Maggie: Take this one away! I'm far too old to cope with that. Although, the thought is rather nice

    16. DELIGHTFUL: When Jürgen joined in on the hosts' banter.

    Crystelle laughing at Jurgen being sassy

    17. STRESSFUL: When Crystelle dropped her biscuits and my heart stopped yet again.

    Crystelle drops her biscuits on their way into the oven

    18. STRESSFUL: When Rochica's jammy biscuits were raw.

    Rochica's raw biscuits

    19. DELIGHTFUL: When Giuseppe gave Jürgen a new nickname when he came first in the Technical.

    Giuseppe nicknames Jurgen the baking terminator

    Do you see the resemblance?

    Jurgen next to the Terminator
    Netflix / Orion Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Showstopper Challenge: A Functional Biscuit Model Of Your Favorite Childhood Toy

    The sketch of George's model plane biscuit

    20. DELIGHTFUL: Maggie's story about growing up in a difficult era and making the beach itself her favorite toy.

    Maggie's beach playset, which she's making because as a post-war child, she didn't have many toys

    21. STRESSFUL: When the motor for George's plane (because of course his biscuit has a motor) seemed like it was broken.

    George says he's gonna try and work out what's wrong, and Matt suggests it's British technology

    22. STRESSFUL: When one of the masts of Jairzeno's toy ship broke off, and all he could do was laugh.

    the mast collapses and Jairzeno laughs

    23. DELIGHTFUL: George's expression of contented triumph when his plane's motor started working again.

    George watches his plane go around

    24. STRESSFUL: When Amanda's biscuit rocking horse completely fell apart.

    The shattered rocking horse

    25. STRESSFUL: When Prue played Rochica's game and then immediately snapped off a piece.

    Rochica laughs after Prue breaks her bake

    Crystelle is all of us in that moment.

    Crystelle looks shocked

    26. DELIGHTFUL: Giuseppe's absolutely perfect board game.

    Giuseppe smiles as he presents his precisely made Reversi board game

    27. DELIGHTFUL: Chigs' gorgeous snooker table.

    Chigs smiles as Paul makes a shot on his biscuit sculpture

    28. DELIGHTFUL: When Prue had Paul model a biscuit earring from Crystelle's showstopper.

    Crystelle laughs as Paul tries on a biscuit earring

    Final Results

    All of the bakers waiting for the final results

    Spoilers below! 

    29. STRESSFUL: When Matt did a bit about George possibly being Paul's long-lost son.

    Matt asks Paul if he has paternal feelings towards George

    Honorable Mention for "Delightful": Noel spitting out his tea when he realizes where this is going. 

    30. DELIGHTFUL: Jürgen being named Star Baker for the second week in a row! He pretends to be surprised, and Humble Jürgen is truly my second favorite Jürgen. (The top spot goes to Sassy Jürgen, naturally.)

    Jurgen laughs after being named Star Baker

    31. STRESSFUL: Saying goodbye to Jairzeno, who has immaculate vibes.

    Jairzeno being told he's going home

    Jairzeno: May all your biscuit masts stay upright, now and forever. 

    This concludes our Biscuit Week recap! What were your favorite moments from this episode? Tell us about them in the comments!