Her Own Terms
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  • Turn Family Stories Into Movie Gold!

    Award winning screen writer Michael Amundsen shares his inspiration for his latest feature film in development. Amundsen tells how he has always been affected by the stories of his immigrant grandparents’ lives on the rugged and unforgiving Great Plains of southeasten Montana. As a young man, he says, he focused on the stories of the men; however as he was writing Cat and the Trolls, he began to see patterns in the lives of the women. This moved him to make a thirteen year old daughter of Norwegian immigrants the protagonist of his latest screenplay. With candor and self-reflection, Amundsen revisits the struggles of his grandmother and mother and tells his readers the way he turned the lead of their lives into story gold. In addition, Amundsen is offering his screenwriting expertise to aspiring writers who support his Kickstarter Campaign A great chance to learn from a master.


    With his film Cat and the Trolls, Norwegian-American filmmaker wants to add to the dearth of movies about the Norwegian immigrant experience, by telling this dramatic tale, inspired by his grandparents’ lives as homesteaders on the Great Plains of Montana.

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