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Help this feline beauty of a certain age make her dream come true.

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Via Facebook: CatAndTheTrolls

"I'm ready for my close up Mr. Amundsen!"

Meet Frank, who is proud to be starring as "the cat" in CAT AND THE TROLLS. Though she was raised in Hollywood, just beneath the iconic Hollywood sign, this feline beauty has had to come all the way to New Mexico where this feature will be filmed to get her big screen break.

This talented feline beauty has been cast as "the cat" in the eponymously titled film CAT AND THE TROLLS. Set on the Great Plains of Southeastern Montana during a catastrophic blizzard in 1917, CAT AND THE TROLLS chronicles the lives and struggles of two children of Norwegian immigrants left to fend for themselves the day before Christmas. Their mother has passed away from the Spanish flu and their father has gone to a neighbor's to borrow a wagon to carry the casket for burial. The family dog has joined the father. Only the cat has been left behind.

Filmmaker Michael Amundsen wrote this screenplay based on stories he'd heard as a child from his homesteader grandparents. He was particularly taken with the hardships endured by the children and he wanted to make sure their lives were not forgotten. CAT AND THE TROLLS is an an homage to his family history and Norwegian culture. It includes foods and artifacts that will be familiar to Norwegian Americans such as lefse, rosemalling, folk stories and traditional Fair Isle knitting.

And he created a role especially for Frank to help her attain her life long dream.

Frank is a cat with humble beginnings. She got her name when she was adopted from the pound as a kitten. Three years ago, she moved to be with Amundsen and his family. She had the choice between going to Texas or New Mexico. When asked why she chose New Mexico over Texas, Frank rolls her eyes as if to say, "I can't believe you asked me such an obvious question," thereby showing off her impressive acting chops. ( Please, Texans, don't hold this against her!!!! )

She runs when she could walk and she eats fresh tuna. She wants what she wants and in a house with 3 other cats, she always finds a way to get it. Like all mature cinema beauties, she will not tell her age, but suffice it to say that she doesn't look it! She has a great evil state which she is ready to show off in her movie debut.

Like so many other actresses, growing up in the shadow of the Hollywood sign, Frank has been dreaming this star turn her entire life.

Take a look at this Kickstarter campaign for CAT AND THE TROLLS.

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