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    With his film Cat and the Trolls, Norwegian-American filmmaker wants to add to the dearth of movies about the Norwegian immigrant experience, by telling this dramatic tale, inspired by his grandparents' lives as homesteaders on the Great Plains of Montana.

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    How many films have been made about the Norwegian American Immigrant experience? You can count them on one hand. There's I Remember Mama, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, Rob Nilsson's Northern Lights and the more recent The Sweet Land.

    Filmmaker Michael Amundsen wants to change that with his independent feature film in development, Cat and the Trolls. Inspired by a Norwegian folktale and stories he heard from his grandparents who were homesteaders at the turn of the century in southeastern Montana, Amundsen has fashioned a coming of age tale about Siri Omsdal, a strong and determined 13-year old daughter of Norwegian immigrants facing the harsh challenges of life in a 12x12 tarpaper shack.

    With a strong female protagonist, set in the unforgiving landscape of the Great Plains, Cat and the Trolls has much in common with movies like True Grit and Days of Heaven.

    Unable to find traditional funding for this small but powerful story of faith, tenacity and redemption, Amundsen has turned to Kickstarter to find support among those people who share his desire to preserve the memory of those who came before us and who crave inspirational stories of ordinary people, living extraordinary lives.

    You can learn more about how you can support Cat and the Trolls here.

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