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    Just 29 Things To Treat Yourself To In Honor Of Back To School Season

    Calling all students, teachers, and everyone else who still gets excited about this time of year.

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    Ah, back-to-school season. Once you're over the sadness of doing homework and studying for tests again, it's actually kinda lit. Think about it!

    1. Plain white vans that come with a shoe art kit because one of the dopest things about back-to-school season will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be a fresh pair of kicks.

    2. A weekend T-shirt to let the crew know when you'll be skipping out on parties to get to the books. You know, because dancing on bar tops can't be the move ~every~ weekend.

    3. Tiny, adorable, and helpful cable bites that can decorate and protect the part of your charger cable that gets bent and damaged the most with regular use.

    4. An acrylic pencil holder to offer the right touch of color without throwing off the rest of your dorm, locker, or desk decor.

    5. A daily planner for keeping up with your schedule, as well as set weekly and monthly goals. It has space for to-do lists, motivational stickers, and reflecting on your weeks' victories. Translation: This planner is out to be your personal lil' cheerleader.

    6. Handy dandy bookends to keep all of your required reading in perfect order.

    7. Paper Mate Felt Tip Pens to make all your notes, doodles, diary entries, and other projects look extra bright and pretty.

    8. Candy-colored mismatched earrings that are perfect for setting your style apart from everyone else on campus.

    9. Rael Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Healing Patches because oh yes, all blemishes will be immediately escorted off campus for violating this semester.

    10. New jeans because new jeans are always an appropriate purchase but also because this season is the perfect time to update your wardrobe whether you're actually planning to hit a classroom in new digs or just clothes shopping for old time's sake.

    11. An Ember temperature control mug that'll heat up a drink from your phone and keep track of your caffeine intake. Uh-huh. You never have to deal with your warm drinks going cold midway through the cup. Coffee and tea guzzlers, this baby's for you!

    12. Crystal pens to journal, take thorough notes, or doodle to your heart's content at the highest level of glam.

    13. A monogrammed L.L. Bean backpack that'll hold all your books, folders, drinks, gym clothes, hopes, dreams, and dark secrets.

    14. A subscription to Book of the Month so you can hop back onto your leisurely reading routine after a summer of binge-watching your eyeballs loose and texting by the pool.

    15. Ramen noodle sticky notes because what will serve the best humble reminders of just how broke you used to be in college than a faux pack of noodles on your desk?

    16. A pretty pink stationery set to write old school letters when you get homesick while away in school or to send out thank you letters if you're busy big-time adulting at your lil' corporate cubicle.

    17. Personalized name crayons to actually draw with or to simply brighten up a room as desk art.

    18. A literal treasure chest of coffee because you know how it's going down this time of year. A few all-nighters. A ton of long meetings. It's about to get a little cray so arm yourself with plenty of Joe. Each coffee bag is free of sugar, lactose, gluten, and alcohol.

    19. A chill neon stripe jogger set for the days you plan to kick back, cozy up, and do absolutely nothing but look bomb after a week of tests, meetings, projects, and whatever else.

    20. A dorm divider that's machine-washable, blocks out light, has zero transparency, and minimizes noise so you and your roommate won't get sick of each other quite as fast as you thought. It comes with holes just like a regular window curtain so you can put it up easily with a long-enough tension rod. BOOYAH. TREAT YO' SELF. KISS THE HEAVENS.

    21. A desk pad to zhuzh up your workspace so it looks more like a creativity hub instead of a boring spot for busywork. The mat can also add more color to your desk, be used as a background for taking photos, and double as a mouse pad.

    22. A Funko Pop Cher doll for desk decor because if anyone's going to inspire you to run your busy days like a divalicious boss (even when you feel a little Clueless), it's mos def the queen of Bronson Alcott High School.

    23. A mini portable Cooluli fridge to store your snacks, drinks, or beauty products. It has cooling and warming settings and is chargeable via USB, which means you can store it underneath your desk, in your dorm, and even take it on the car on trips.

    24. A cooling lunchbox with a zillion compartments to help you take the whole kitchen to the campus. It will hold three meals in the bottom compartment and one more meal in the top section. The lunchbox also features two insulated bottle holders, side mesh pockets, three reusable containers that are dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and two ice packs.

    25. Noise-canceling headphones for days when you need to hunker down and FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS. (Or, when you just feel like entertaining absolutely no one.)

    26. A deep pocket sheets set to make sure the sleep you get in your bedroom or dorm is top-notch. The sheets are made with hypoallergenic microfibers and the set features a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase.

    27. A Tasty Bake The Internet Kit that includes one six-piece non-stick bakeware set and the Tasty Dessert: All the Sweet You Can Eat cookbook — because GAHHH your future and college budget are so much brighter when you save money and bake stuff at home!

    28. A sunrise alarm clock to help you get acclimated to ~not~ sleeping in until 12 p.m. as you've been doing all summer. The clock has a sunrise stimulation wake-up setting that gradually increases its light similar to a real morning sunrise. It also works reversibly for creating a sunset when you're ready for bed!

    29. A vegan leather reversible everyday tote bag and wallet set to hold all of your daily essentials and match a variety of outfits so getting dressed for work or classes is a no-brainer. The bag is also designed to be water- and scratch-resistant.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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