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    27 Things That'll Help Make Being An Adult Feel Less Intimidating

    Who's ready to get all growed up?!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A dog-feeding reminder because mom and dad won't be screaming anymore to remind you they bought the dog FOR YOU and you're responsible for making sure it gets fed. So, yeah, you need to stay on top of not starving your dog. You can order this as-is ~or~ get it customized to reflect your dog's name or another pet entirely.


    This'll also be a smart grab if you have a dog walker or sitter come to your house on the regular.

    Promising review: "This is my second one of these. It's customized to remind me to feed the rabbits this time! I love how easy it was to customize and it arrived ridiculously fast. It's so cute and useful. I love it." —Kalina Kunert

    Get it from Honeymellows on Etsy for $10.38+.

    2. A reversible cool gel memory foam pillow to keep you cool or warm as you sleep because, um, the older you get, the more you'll realize how topsy-turvy your body temperature gets. But don't worry because you'll get through those nights with the regular memory foam side of the pillow that'll conform to your head and the cool gel side that'll disperse heat and promote airflow.


    This pillow is also made of hypoallergenic material so you won't have to worry about the material tripping up your allergies.

    Promising review:
    "This pillow is excellent quality, comfortable, and fits a standard pillowcase. The cooling gel is satisfying. We have used ours for over a year, bought these for family members, and even ordered an additional one right after I moved because I was waiting for our belongings to arrive at the new place. Compared to a previous memory foam pillow I had, this one is much better protected with the included cases and it lasts much longer. The product contains two breathable, zippable pillowcases that are machine-washable. I usually put an additional case on for style and further protection and I still get the nice cold gel feel. This pillow also can be used as a body pillow placed between the knees if you are a side sleeper like me. The extra support between the legs while I am on my side helps alleviate back pains associated with poor sleep position." —Lydia

    Get it from Amazon for $25.

    3. Cable clips for eliminating all the discord created by the many cords in your life. Your stuff is going to look so satisfying after you get everything in perfect order with these simple thingamajigs.


    One reviewer even used these clips to hold up toothbrushes in their bathroom!

    Promising review: "I have beautiful new end tables and a sofa table and wanted to hide the lamp cords that you can see based on the style of the tables. I bought these and am absolutely thrilled with them. They stick on the back of the table and you can direct the cords down the leg of the tables to the outlets. They can be taken off with no harm to the furniture at all, and my tables look much better without those ugly dark chords just hanging down the back." —JK

    Get them from Amazon for $4.99+ (available in three different quantities and an assortment of colors).

    4. A reversible baby playmat for parents who want to cater to their kids but don't want their home aesthetic to ~always~ be playpen-inspired. This mat features cartoon letters, shapes, and numbers on one side but looks super grown-up and stylish on the other with a simpler, neutral print. It's meant to stimulate kids visually, protect them from hard falls, and make messes easier to clean.


    Promising review: "This is by far the best baby purchase we've made. Guests think it's a beautiful carpet and are so surprised when they see the other side. It's so cute and fun for baby! I love how durable this is and how easy it is to clean. We just sweep it and wash it with dish soap and water. It even survived a red wine spill. The guests who marveled at the carpet-like appearance also marveled at how stain-resistant it is. This mat has made tummy and playtime much safer with our hardwood floors. I can't say enough about how great this thing is!" —Ann F.

    Get it from Amazon for $87.99+ (available in three styles).

    5. A pizza saver bag set so you can make up for spending money on takeout for dinner by making that dollar stretch with leftover slices for lunch.

    Urban Outfitters

    Get a set of 12 from Urban Outfitters for $5 (originally $8).

    6. A stainless champagne sealer so you can relax away the day's worries with a little bubbly, then store it without worrying about it being flat when you return later for another sip.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed / Via,

    This will seal up your champagne and keep it fresh in your fridge for days. It also has a pressure pump to make sure the stopper is completely sealed and leak-free.

    Promising review: "I’m guessing most people buy this great product for stopping sparkling wines, but it works just as well for any large-bottle sparkling drink, including apple ciders. And the ability to pump it once sealed means you don’t waste a single bubble getting the bottle back to its full pressure. Great product. Superb customer service." —DavidAtSwans

    Get it from Amazon for $8.97.

    Check out our full review of the MiTBA Champagne Stopper for more deets on this cool gadget (#1)!

    7. OR, a shark-swimming-in-wine glass to wrap up a ~biting~ long day or week if you prefer to indulge in a little vino. And nope, you shouldn't feel gill-ty at all because, well, this wine glass is way too cool not to thoroughly indulge.


    Get it from The Shark Wine Glass on Etsy for $29.95.

    8. A reversible bamboo cutting board to create a cleaner, more effortless food prep situation. One side has a groove around its edges to catch juice for mess-free slicing. The other side features storage compartments to keep food organized. Ya' know, so your counters can stop looking like a messy toddler was playing around with their veggies every time you cook.,

    You could also use the side with the storage compartments as a serving tray. The board has indented handles to make moving it easy and removable silicone feet so it stands securely. FYI, since this cutting board is made of real wood, the brand recommends you rub it with board oil or cream when it first arrives *and* regularly for upkeep. If any wooden cutting board gets dry, then it will crack and split.

    Promising review: "I love this cutting board! It’s the perfect size for daily use. It's not so big that it’s hard to keep but not too small that the foods I chop will fall off the board. I like that the sides can hold juices so they don't fall on my counter and that it’s double-sided as serving platter. Great features! It’s the little things that make a difference and so far, this cutting board has the best design compared to many other brands!" —Kestar

    Get the cutting board from Amazon for $19.45 and board oil for $11.50.

    9. A handheld veggie slicer that'll help you make veggie noodles in a ~slash~ so you can make veggie-filled meals ~and~ save money by avoiding takeout for a change! It's so quick and easy to use that you won't even mind prepping your zucchini noodles in the morning before leaving out for the day ~or~ staying up a few extra minutes to get your meals together at night.


    The slicer has dual stainless-steel cutting blades so you can make thick or thin pasta strands out of your favorite vegetables.

    Promising review: "What a fantastic kitchen widget! I actually have a large spiralizer and never use it because it is a pain to get out and clean. I saw this and bought it and couldn't be happier. It's easy to use and easy to clean if you rinse and clean right away. The small and compact size makes this easy to store without taking up tons of space! The option for two different sizes of noodles is a nice feature!" —Jamie E.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    10. A cat spoon to hang its paws over the side of your cup. Isn't this just PAW-fect?! After all, what good is being an adult if you can't treat yourself to playful, whimsical things that'll make you smile?, Amazon

    Promising review: "Love this little spoon! It fits perfectly on the edge of my coffee mug. Now I no longer have to go searching for a spoon to stir my morning coffee! Since it sits on the edge of the cup my fingers don't get sticky from a wet handle. Plus, it's absolutely adorable and makes me think of my own kitty while I'm away at work. This spoon has become an essential part of my morning routine." —Brianna S.

    Get it from Amazon for $1.07.

    11. A breakfast sandwich maker so anytime you crave a breakfast sandwich, you can just make one at the house instead of throwing dollars at McDonald's all-day breakfast menu. This gadget can make two sandwiches at a time in about five minutes. It also features a countdown timer with an audible beep and each part is removable and dishwasher-safe.


    I'm betting you the price of a McDonald's sausage biscuit that a sandwich made with your preferred bread, meats, and other toppings is going to taste loads better than a McGriddle.

    Promising review: "FAM. I need you to lissssssen. I would give this product 87 stars if I could. This thing was delivered to my doorstep in two business days and will provide a lifetime of joy for me. You'd think it would be one of those gimmicky kitchen appliances that barely even works EXCEPT you're wrong. It's amazing. It's quick. Look. Lissssen. You put the ingredients in and about two minutes later, your tummy is all like 'oh yesssss.' Basically. Just buy it. Purchase the sammich maker. You're welcome." —Amazon customer

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (also available in a single sandwich).

    12. Mighty Patch hydrocolloid stickers to kick adult acne off your face and SWIFTLY. These stickers are meant to speed up the process of healing pimples overnight. You'll get 36 patches in a pack and the coolest part? They're vegan! No animals were harmed in the making of these zit-killers.

    Promising review: "I do not claim to understand the science behind these tiny miracles but they have changed my life. I spent my workday looking forward to going home and putting one of these bad boys on my newly erupted Mt. Zit and the overnight results were shocking. Not only is it grossly satisfying, but it also saved me several days of walking around with a bloody crater in my face because my previous method of dealing with unsightly blemishes was to pick pick pick." —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $12.50+ (available in four different quantities).

    13. A handmade eyeglasses holder so you can finally stop losing your glasses every five seconds by perching them on this polished wooden sniffer. It'll also add character to a room since it looks like a tiny sculpture.

    One reviewer even shared that he uses this stand to keep up with his glasses and also his wedding ring.

    Promising review:
    "I got this for my husband as a Christmas gift. It sits on his nightstand and he uses it regularly. He doesn't lose his glasses as much. I've also noticed that he doesn't fall asleep with them on his face or somewhere in bed since he started using this. I like it because it saves me the aggravation of listening to my husband look for his glasses. It's cute yet functional." —Lady Tauber

    Get it from Amazon for $6.25+ (available in seven sculpture styles).

    14. A produce-saving container to make fruits and veggies ACTUALLY FREAKING LAST for more than four days. No more wasting your hard-earned duckets on fruit just to discover they've withered away into shoulda-coulda-woulda-been-delicious land. Do I sound like a personal victim? I am but thanks to this container, none of us have to be anymore.

    Buzzfeed / Natalie Brown

    Buzzfeed Shopping editor Natalie Brown tried it and turned me into a believer with this mind-blowing review:

    "I put half of my fresh strawberries in the medium-sized container and left the other half in the clamshell container they came in from the store. And here they are 10 days later!!! The berry I left in the original container looked dehydrated and blemished, with wrinkled, crunchy leaves. (I'm not eating the leaves, but still.) But the produce-saver strawb's as fresh as it was on day one! Not that I wouldn't eat the dehydrated one if that was my only option, but given the choice? I'll take a fresh strawberry every day!"

    Check out her full review of Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Savers for more deets.

    Get it from Walmart for $4.99+ each (available in two sizes).

    15. A countertop garden that'll make you feel like the super accomplished adult you've always dreamed of being because a) you'll ACTUALLY being able to keep plants alive and b) be able to make something you can eat as it grows Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, mint, thyme, and Thai basil spices.


    Get it from Buzzfeed's Goodful line at Macy's for $129.99 (originally $189.99; available in two colors).

    16. A press-and-go iced tea tumbler because there's something so luxurious about having a glass of iced tea ready-made at any given moment. You may be sitting in an office or a meeting but when you sip iced tea that you made for yourself in minutes, it's DEF going to feel like you're chilling on someone's veranda on a relaxing afternoon.


    The tumbler is designed with two chambers. Just add hot water and a tea bag to the first chamber to steep. The second chamber is for the ice. Just sit the chamber of ice inside of the other and CHEERS. By the way, the majority of reviewers noted that they either bought two of these or ~wished~ they did so, well, you know what to do. The tumbler is dishwasher-safe, odor- and stain-resistant, and DEF something you'll look forward to and remember NOT to forget.

    Promising review: "This was so easy to use and it made a perfect serving of iced tea. So far I've only used fruit-flavored teabags to make a refreshing cup of ice tea. I'm going o purchase another one to keep at work." —BklyninFL

    Get it from Buzzfeed's Goodful line at Macy's for $13.99 (also available in gray).

    17. A handy-dandy device that'll light up when you need a reminder to stop neglecting your self-care duties and DRINK MORE WATER YOU WALKING DESERT!


    Promising review: "I love this thing! It's my second one. I'm getting a lot of feedback on it at work. It works great and does what it's supposed to do. I'm now getting my two liters of water throughout the workday!" —April

    Get it from Amazon for $25 (available in nine colors).

    18. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponges so you can give your home the clean-up treatment your mom won't be able to stop fawning over the next time she visits! Go ahead and prepare to smile when she says, "Awww, you've really grown up!"

    Promising review: "Hey! Did I tell you Mr. Clean and his Magic sponges changed my life?! I live in an apartment that very quickly gets gross and grubby due to oldness and I use these suckers on *everything*. I don't recommend using them on matte walls but I do anyway, to erase scuffs. I use them on my kitchen floor which is disgusting thanks to the '60s floor tiles that are peeling off the floor, and my Siamese cat who eats his wet food while standing on his plate and then walks around leaving little paw prints of grossness. I use the sponges to clean everything in my bathroom and kitchen. There's nothing more satisfying than wiping your stove with a damp Mr. Clean, turning it over, and seeing the tint of filth. Even if you think you have an immaculate kitchen, (and your friends say, "OMG, your house! It's so clean! I wish my house was so immaculate!" when they visit.) Mr. Clean will prove to you otherwise." —Customer Review

    Get it from Amazon for $7.97.

    19. A G-spot biodegradable vibrator with adjustable speeds and a quiet sound so you can add your self-pleasure to your list of adult responsibilities. After all, it's your duty to TREAT 👏🏾 YO 👏🏾 SELF 👏🏾.


    The silicone vibrator is USB rechargeable and waterproof.

    Promising review: "All I can say is wow. It’s hard to find a vibrator that stimulates the two most important parts of a woman at the same time with that much intensity. I’m so pleased (pun intended) with this product. Even after use, the feeling still lingers. I’m in love!" —Randa

    Get it from Amazon for $28.69 (available in two colors).

    20. A Simple Elephant planner that'll help you organize your day, week, goals, and thoughts so your chaotic life can finally feel contained. It comes with mindmap and vision board sections, a pen holder, and a free sheet of fun stickers to make planning your affairs a fun experience.


    Promising review: "This day planner is much more than a day planner for me. I have been using it to help keep my goals in action and ideas in one place. I am also using this as a gratitude journal. For those of you that need to physically write out your goals to strategize and implement, I highly recommend this planner. On a side note, Jen (owner) has provided the most impeccable customer service I have seen in a while. Will be a repeat customer." —Fresh F.

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in four colors).

    Psst...This is our affordable pick for best planner on Buzzfeed Reviews! Also, peep our in-depth review of this planner with the This $19 Planner May Actually Help You Get Your Life Together post!

    21. Stylish wooden hooks to hang your bags and coats on that'll actually make your house look like an adult's welcoming home with their cozy vibe. Yuppp, that little worry about needing to hang this and that is finally over.


    Promising review: "We converted from towel bars to pegs, so that we no longer had to fold our towels and to help them dry faster. These pegs are so beautiful! The beechwood finish looks great. We live in a cottage and these are casual but elegant details." —Lynne Homeyer

    Get them from Amazon for $13.49+ (available in two colors)

    22. An accent chair to finally give your house the all-growed-up colorful detail it's been missing. It's going to look wayyy better than the lava lamp you used to use as a colorful statement piece back in the day. No more stressing over finding the ~perfect thing~ to make your spot look amazing.


    Promising review: "I got the pink chair. It is exactly like the site images. It is so comfortable and looks expensive! I was looking into buying a similar chair from a retail store that is three times more expensive but this one is such a great value and high quality." —M. Zacarias

    Get it from Amazon for $99.99 or two for $189.99 (available in six colors).

    23. Washing machine tablets that'll make laundry day a less irritating experience since they prevent mildew and mold from growing in your washer and reversing all the work you do to your clothes and linens. Buying an entirely new washer? Psssshh! That's for adult-adults and we'll be pushing that very sophisticated purchase back a bit.


    Promising review: "I have been using bleach to clean my machine for some time, but decided to give this a try a few months ago. My very first clean with Affresh tablets left me surprised and delighted for not only did it clean my machine, but it also eliminated the nasty smell that always transferred to my clothes thanks to a build-up of mold I didn't even know about. Every month now, I toss a tablet into the drum and let it work its magic. Now, my machine is cleaner than ever, and my clothes always smell wonderfully fresh." —Kelli Crawford

    Get them from Amazon for $11.98 (for a pack of six).

    24. An activated charcoal toothbrush to help you take better care of your teeth because it doesn't matter how old you get, preventative care will always be better than scary trips to the dentist due to not working overtime to care for your teeth.


    The bristles are made with activated Japanese binchotan charcoal to help prevent plaque and impurities from building up on your teeth and bacteria from growing on your brush.

    Promising review:
    "The only toothbrush that gets all the filthy gunk off my teeth. As firm as you would want to go with a toothbrush. The finger indent on the handle is nice, and the small size makes the toothbrush easy to control." —Devon Scheibert

    Get it from Amazon for $8.50. And if you're trying to upgrade your brushing situation, then check out our picks for the best electric toothbrushes on Buzzfeed Reviews.

    25. A soft and lightweight sleep mask that'll cover the majority of your face and totally black out any light so you can finally get all the ZZZ's you deserve and be ready to tackle adulting with a well-rested enthusiasm. It even has a nose flap so you no light can sneak in through there!

    a woman laying on the couch with an eye mask over her face

    Promising review: "Normally I don't write reviews but I felt I had to say that this is the most comfortable eye mask I have ever worn. It's extremely soft to the touch. It feels so good on the face and completely blocks out any light. I don't even notice the two adjustable head straps because they are also so comfortable. I normally work 12-hour night shifts so I'm sleeping through the day. I always had issues with constantly waking up even with blackout curtains because the sunlight was still getting around them, but since I've started wearing the mask, I have had no disrupted sleep and I am dead to the world during the day with this on." —Chibimuffin

    Get it on Amazon for $10.99 (available in three styles and two colors).

    26. A zipper-puller so you'll never have to worry about not having a parent, friend, or significant other around to zip up your outfits.


    Promising review: "I bought a dress with a back zip ('invisible zipper' too, i.e. tiny!) recently from Ann Taylor. Getting into it and zipping it all the way up was nearly impossible unless I wanted to start cussing and sweat buckets throughout the whole ordeal. I came across this neat little gadget and chose Zipuller because it was more affordable and the reviews were solid. I received it this morning and tried it on the aforementioned dress. Let me tell you, it worked like a charm, even on that tiny zipper of mine. Just follow the instructions and you can NOT go wrong, IMHO. It's worth the money. It's a clothing accessory investment that I feel ALL gals and guys ought to have." —Chicago888

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in three colors).

    27. A 2020 calendar that's going to help you start off the upcoming year in the BEST spirits. It features artwork for each month on a preforated page so you can tear it out and tack it to a mood board for inspo, decor, or both.

    Get it from for $16.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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