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    31 Dope Things That Might Make Your Friends Wanna Shop Small With You

    Tell a friend to tell a friend that small businesses carry the gems. 💎😍

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A light-up Pokémon terrarium so adorable, the next thing you know, your whole circle will be catching Pokémon again like back in the day — for home decor purposes this time. 😀

    the light-up Pokeball terrarium
    Happy Finding Store / Etsy

    And you'll catch 'em from Happy Finding Store, a Hong Kong–based shop with a handful of different Pokemon-themed terrariums. If Charmander isn't your favorite, there's also Pikachu, Snorlax, Squirtle, and more. PS: If you order one with a light, it comes with a remote that allows you to set it to eight different brightnesses/modes.

    Promising review: "I love this so much!! It’s super cute and unique and it came without any damage! The packaging is adorable but very protective and I love the extras it came with! My boyfriend is going to love this!!" —Sara

    Get it from Happy Finding Store for $52.29+ (available with or without light; free shipping).

    2. Mother of Pearl earrings to add a simple yet eye-catching detail to whatever you wear 'em with. "OMG, your earringggggs" reaction from your friends loading in 3...2...1!

    Aleishla / Etsy

    This beautiful design is just one of the many handmade items from jewelry artist Aleishla Lopez, who makes all of the pieces in her Puerto Rico–based shop.

    Promising review: "I love love love these earrings! I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. They are long so they show through my hair and they are light enough to wear all day every day if I wanted to. They shipped on time and I got them in a timely manner and they were all I could have expected and more." —Barbarajean

    Get them from Aleishla on Etsy for $65+ (available in three different metal finishes).

    3. A piercing pillow with a donut shape so you'll still get that sweet side sleep even with a freshly pierced ear. No more tossing, turning, and straining your neck all night to prevent ear irritation.

    model holding a yellow circular pillow with a hole in the middle for your ear to reset

    Prediction: Your friends will start out asking you what the heck is this donut-shaped pillow doing on your bed and then the convo will move into where you found it so they can get one too.

    Get it from Studs for $24.

    4. A beaded face mask chain so you can stylishly admit to the world just how often you lose your mask — and prevent that from happening any longer.

    Firefly Feeling Bright/Etsy

    It's from Firefly Feeling Bright, a Florida-based Etsy shop that specializes in very pretty artisanal jewelry! My coworker Abby Kass bought this with her hard-earned ducats and adores it. Peep her mini review ahead:

    "I bought this chain months ago after I realized we'd be wearing masks for the foreseeable future. I wanted a way to hold my mask when I wasn't wearing it that wasn't stuffing it in my pocket. And this is perfect. It's super easy to clip on all the different masks I have, and I love that it's brightly colored. When I wear it around my neck, I hardly even notice it. Plus, it's a great price and even ships free!!"

    Promising review (from a customer who's not Abby, obvs): "Nice quality, good chain length, and fun colors! Glad I purchased two (one for my home and one I keep in my car)." —dianecely

    Get it from Firefly Feeling Bright on Etsy for $7 (also available in two additional quantity options so you can give a few as gifts).

    5. A Disney princess–style water bottle to keep water at the ready when you're on the go and show off your undying Disney obsession because that'll always be a thing, right?

    three clear water bottles with colorful yet faceless animations of jasmine, Belle, and Cinderalla respectively
    For The Love Of Pixie Dust

    It's from For the Love of Pixie Dust, a woman-owned small business that handmakes these incredible whimsical, colorful tumblers along with cool tumblr accessories. The brand takes custom orders, too, so feel free to let your Disney-inspired imagination run wild. 

    Get it from For the Love of Pixie Dust for $21 (available in 14 princess styles plus the option to customize with your name).

    6. Hoodie hangerssssss! They'll prevent those weird bumps that the wider hangers always put into the shoulders AND make your favorite hoodie easier to just grab and go.

    Venalli Builds on Etsy

    This cool hoodie hanger is made by Venalli Builds, a shop in Overland Park, Kansas, that's clearly run by geniuses. Every hoodie hanger will come with a removable clip so you can attach the hoodie hanger to smaller-diameter rods or wired shelving.

    Get a set of five from Venalli Builds on Etsy for $20+ (available in sets of five and 10 and in three color options).

    7. Garlic N Peperoncini sauce to bring a mild kick to your meals. It's designed to be drizzled on top of literally ANYTHING you want, from salads to steaks to eggs to enchiladas. Spice level: 🌶️.

    bottle of hot suace
    Hot N Saucy/ Aliza J. Jsokolow

    It's from a Black-owned and woman-owned brand called Hot N Saucy that's based in New York City. And there are a few more (even hotter!) flavors where this one came from, baby. 

    Promising review: "It may not be the spiciest hot sauce but I put this on everything. So good!" —Robert H.

    Get it from Hot N Saucy for $10.

    8. The Brilliant or BS card game will bring something fresh to your next game night with the gang. Finally, you'll have a trivia game everyone can enjoy since it's not exactly about knowing the answers. 🥴😂

    Brilliant or BS, Instagram / Brilliant or BS / Via

    The game is for four to six players, will come with 88 cards, and is for ages 14 and up.

    Da Rulez 💚💞 (Mmhmm, Cosmo and Wanda think they slick 😋): Each player will use the A, B, or C cards to answer a trivia question. You'll also have to provide a verrry good reason to convince the designated "judge" that your answer is 100% right. The judge awards the "Brilliant" card to the person whose spiel they believe. The person who earns the "Brilliant" card gets points for convincing the judge (whether they're right or not). Then there's the big reveal: Each player reveals their answer (from the A, B, and C cards). Players who got the right answer get a point. The judge gets a point if their "Brilliant" card went to someone who got it right but loses a point if the person got it wrong. The person with the most points after everyone's been the judge twice wins the game. May the best BS'er win!

    Promising review: "Played with a group of friends and everyone was laughing and enjoying the evening because of the clever way this game is made so that anyone can play and have fun!" —GT

    Get it from Brilliant or BS at Target for $15.99 or toss it in your Amazon cart for $15.99 (and don't forget the expansion packs so the trivia stays fresh!)

    9. And! The Rhyme Antics game — so all the people in the place with style and grace (and rap skills!) can flex right quick. Each player must come up with words that rhyme with the main word on each card — all set to a timer of course.

    the game box
    Rhyme Antics

    To play, you rap a line and score points for each ending word you use that's on the list of rhyming words on the round's card! Here's a how-to-play video for ya! Also, I bought this game from BuzzFeed BIO's IRL 2019 pop-up shop and had a great time playing with friends and family. You get points for rhyming with words listed on the card but also extra points for words that aren't on the card. And you KNOW whose team won the game, right? Crown me, OK? 😏🎤. Anyhoo, the game is designed for all ages to participate (so kiddos welcomed!) and will come with a foam squeeze microphone. It's also Black-owned and woman-owned and baby don't we love to see it!

    Promising review (from someone who's not me, obvs): "I played at a friend's house and wanted to get one on my own. Bought two: one for me and one for my nephew. If you like music and fast-paced fun, you will enjoy. The kids love it too." —Mike B.

    Get it from Rhyme Antics on the Target site for $16.99 (psst...there might be a same-day pick-up and/or delivery option at your local Target if you're trying to get it ASAP) or throw it in your Amazon cart for $16.99 (next-day delivery with Prime).

    10. Personalized earrings worth treating yourself to in the ~name~ of your total awesomeness.

    Etsy / Caitlyn Minimalist

    Btw, these earrings are from the Caitlyn Minimalist brand which is a small business based in California that's owned by a woman of Asian descent. They also may not arrive before December 25 but they'll still make a great holiday gift from you to you!

    Promising review: "These. Earrings. Are. Perfection. I love seeing my full name in script on my ears! They are so dainty and light and perfect conversation starter. :-)" —Caitlin

    Get them from Caitlyn Minimalist on Etsy for $19.87 (originally $26.50; available in five font choices plus sterling silver, 18-karat gold, and rose gold)

    11. A hieroglyphic boob tray that's honestly so cool, you should just go ahead and scoop one for your bestie now because it'll be added to their Christmas list the moment they see these ta-tas in your house.

    a square catchall tray with hieroglyphics that have boob designs on them

    It's from Lockwood, a small, queer-owned marketplace based in New York that carries a variety of products with a nice balance of fun and practical designs. You'll find stuff for gifts, home goods, paper goods, personal care, and more. It's definitely a shop you could fall down the rabbit hole browsing, whether you're clicking through the e-racks or actually walking through the IRL shops in NYC.

    Get it from Lockwood for $13.95.

    12. A portable canvas cup holder that'll keep you from spilling your latte everywhere like you do all too often while on the go and make your friends extra jelly as they fumble with theirs.

    Dreamy Daisy / Etsy

    But don't let 'em stay jelly. Hook 'em up with the link OR go ahead and snag some as stocking stuffers! BTW, they're from Dreamy Daisy, a small accessory shop based in Washington, DC. The shop has handmade canvas backpacks, spa headbands, scrunchies, and loads more. Treat yo selffff.

    Promising review: "The product is super cute and fits cups perfectly!!! I bought this for my coworkers and now I need to order one for myself." —Wendy

    Get it from Dreamy Daisy on Etsy for $9.99+ (available in four colors and sold individually or in sets of two, three, or four).

    13. And! A similar wine tote bag because, admit it, you're the resident wine supplier for the group's gatherings. Now you'll be hella prepared to ~tote~ the good stuff to the function.

    Anne Cate

    The tote is machine washable and made with a box bottom so the wine bottle can stand up with no problem. It's made by Anne Cate, a woman-owned small business based in Cleveland, Ohio! The shop actually specializes in a variety of lifestyle products with premade customizable skylines for big towns AND college towns (think pillows, tote bags, wallets, and more).

    Get it from Anne Cate for $12 (available in five additional styles PLUS a customizable version). And don't forget to check out the loads of skyline-themed items, too.

    14. A TikTok-famous pick 'n' peel stone that might help channel nervous energy and curb your anxiety — according to the numbers of folks who use it on the regular across the net.

    A model using a tiny hook to pick blue paint out of a lava rock with tiny holes
    Pick 'N Peel Stones/Etsy

    This thoughtful product is from Pick 'N Peel Stones, a small business based in Pennsylvania that specializes in these pickable painted lava rocks for folks who want to keep their hands occupied and just chillax.

    Promising review: "I love my stones! I think it's a great idea and as someone who struggles with skin picking I have found these really helpful. I will definitely be buying some of the refill paint so that I can keep using them." —Etsy reviewer

    Get it from Pick 'N Peel Stones on Etsy for $9.99.

    15. Creamed honey that'll spread like butter on your biscuits and scoop easily into drinks without dripping sticky stuff everywhere. And it tastes AH-mazing. 🍯🐝🤤

    BuzzFeed / Marquaysa

    It's from Zach & Zoë, a family-owned and Black-owned brand that makes honey on their farm in New Jersey! The brand sent me their creamed honey to try for myself after I featured the honey in a different post and I've purchased more since then. Now, my thoughts: CREAMED HONEY IS QUITE THE REVELATION! I had no idea it existed until I saw this one (maybe I'm late? OK.) Anyway, lotsa reviews said that it's great for putting in tea and coffee. The verdict after trying it? It tastes GREAT. Upgrading my favorite hot beverages with this honey was just the start. I super dig the convenience of the creamed texture and have high-key been looking for excuses to use creamed honey on everything. My heart and taste buds now hold a special appreciation for how it spreads like butter on biscuits. I don't have to worry about honey dripping all everywhere when I try to spoon it out 🙄. Last thing: The creamed honey tasted so great that it prompted me to actually purchase another jar plus the Wildflower Honey with Raspberry. It tastes really good too (especially in tea) but that creamed honey just has sooo many other uses that I'm prob going to have it on repeat for a long while. I'm trying the Matcha honey next though.

    Get it from Zach & Zoë on Amazon for $20.99 or directly from the Zach & Zoë site for $20.

    16. A Mickey Mouse dispenser top your fellow Disney-lovin' friends won't stop gushing about when they come over and wash their hands in the guest bathroom.

    mickey mouse pump attachment that helps create mouse shaped foam
    MouseDelights3D / Etsy

    Promising review: "Love my Mickey Soap Dispenser add-on! You do have to hold your hand close to the dispenser and push down firmly and quickly to see the Mickey perfectly, but still worth it in my opinion!" —Amanda Jones

    Get it from MouseDelights3D for $9.99.

    17. A Good Hair scarf to provide gentle protection for your beautiful coily, kinky, and curly tresses — day or night.

    Nappy Head Club

    It's from Nappy Head Club, a Black-owned lifestyle brand that makes affirming products for melanin-rich folks with textured hair. The pieces are filled with beautiful celebratory yet simple phrase like "Good Hair" — because all of it's good, feel me? — and "Nappy."

    Get it from Nappy Head Club for $36.

    18. A Purrfect Plants puzzle that'll give you something to do (that actually doesn't involve a screen 😅) to relax and leave you something pretty to hang up afterward. Your friends'll def wanna know where to find this vibrant puzzle and more like it.

    a completed puzzle with an illustration of three cats that are black, while and orange standing and laying near a plant stand that's brimming with different kinds of plants
    BuzzFeed / Mallory McInnis

    It's from a small business called Badge Bomb that makes amazing giftables like puzzles, buttons, magnets, stickers, greeting cards, totes, and more. All of it's made in the USA and features original artwork from various indie artists. This 500-piece puzzle displays the original illustration from Allison Cole, a Rhode Island–based illustrator and artist. My coworker Mallory McInnis really enjoyed the puzzle she got from there (shown above). Peep what she has to say below:

    "Doing a puzzle is one of my favorite past times, so I was very excited when I saw that Badge Bomb was going to start making them. Over the years I'd admired their shop (I love illustration as much as I love puzzles) and I have an array of their magnets on my fridge. I ordered 'Purrfect Plants' as my first puzzle from their collection because I follow the illustrator, Allison Cole, on Instagram. The puzzle quality was excellent (not too much dust, pieces fit together clearly and easily) and I will definitely be ordering another from their site after I finish making my way through my backlog of puzzles to do."

    Promising review (from someone who's obvs not Mallory): "We liked this one because the graphic quality of it made the pieces fairly easy to put together and not an hours-long strain on all of us. More of a quick, fun puzzle with fast results and multigenerational enjoyment!! The cats and homie design is really fun, too!♥️♥️" —Suzie S.

    Get it from Badge Bomb for $20 (and don't forget the puzzle glue to preserve it once you're done!)

    19. A luxe comfy hoodie with a built-in sleep mask that is about to be your go-to lewk for the chilly season. I own one and can tell you that sleep mask–embedded hoodie will also be CLUTCH for brisk holiday flights.

    Pond Los Angeles

    It's from Pond Los Angeles, a woman-owned and Asian American–owned small business based in California. The brand specializes in really chic and minimalist clothing and accessories that'll suit a ton of different lifestyle needs Plus, Pond Los Angeles intentionally uses a woman-led manufacturer to create the lovely pieces. I have to stan the brand on that alone.

    That said, I also own this hoodie in black, and it truly is quite the wonder. Intentionally oversized and super soft, it's perfect for someone like me who is literally ALWAYS FRIGGIN' COLD. I traveled with it to a chilly beach and thought I'd only wear it for walks on the beach but ended up wearing it everywhere I went throughout the trip since I was cold and the black matched everything I had on.

    Promising review: "I fly a lot and am constantly trying to find a hoodie with a big hood to cover my eyes so I can catch up on some beauty sleep on the plane. I saw this product on Instagram and knew it would be a game changer. I was able to use it recently for the first time on an early morning flight, and let me tell you, it is EVERYTHING I was looking for and more. It’s comfy, cozy, oversized, and the eye covers make you feel like you’re in a whole other world and not packed like a sardine on a plane. My over-ear headphone fit perfectly under it, and I got the best sleep I’ve had on a plane — EVER! Like other reviews have said, it is big, so size down if you want something a little more snug. It’s a little big, but I love my stuff oversized, so I am fine. I have been wearing it every day at home and can’t wait to get the black and blush one!" —Heather G.

    Get it from Pond Los Angeles for $108 (available in sizes S–L and three colors).

    20. An affirming mug to sip your favorite beverages from and remind yourself that all your feelings really do matter. Perf way to remind a buddy of the same. 😘

    model holding a white mug with multi-colored words that say "your feelings are valid"
    Bitchin' Design Co. / Etsy

    It's from Bitchin' Design Co., a queer-owned brand and self-described feminist shop that makes so many different items featuring funny quips and empowering slogans. I'm very into the Shop Queer-Owned Mug by the brand!

    Get it from Bitchin' Design Co. on Etsy for $13.59.

    21. A charmingly dramatic oversized scrunchie obviously meant to transform basic messy buns or ponytails into a major style statement.

    BuzzFeed / Kayla Boyd, Jane Dottie Vintage

    It's from Jane Dottie Vintage, a Black-owned and woman-owned sustainable fashion brand. The shop is brimming with hair accessories, vintage finds, jewelry, and loads more. A few folks on the BuzzFeed Shopping team actually love this scrunchie. Peep what my coworkers have to say ahead.

    Kayla Boyd says: "Giant scrunchies are the accessory I never knew I needed. I have big, curly type 3 hair and I'm constantly putting it up and taking it down throughout the day. These adorable scrunchies make throwing my hair up in a messy bun so much more fun. I'm wearing the cotton cow-print scrunchie in the photo above."

    Maitland Quitmeyer says: "These bbs are made from vintage satin remnants, so they're sustainable too. I have several of these scrunchies and they are truly THE LARGEST I'VE EVER SEEN. I looooooooooove them, and they make just-can't-even days feel a bit more chic."

    Get the scrunchie for $11+ (available in a TON of colors).

    22. Ingrown relief toner to stop those pesky hairs in their TRACKS, OK? You'll def wanna drop a pic of this in the group chat with the link.

    model holding the bottle of toner
    OUI The People

    The gentle, fragrance-free formula will kindly exfoliate your skin and prevent irritation along with those ingrown hairs. It's from a Black-owned and woman-owned small business called Oui the People that makes skin- and bodycare products. Most of the items are made with recycled and recylable packaging too, BTW.

    Promising review: "I have struggled with ingrown hairs and razor bumps for years. I’ve tried other products, but nothing has ever worked for me... I’ve been using this magic liquid for several weeks now, shaved multiple times, and I’m OBSESSED. I use it daily, sometimes along with a little ultralight moisturizer, and I have no more razor bumps at all. I get significantly fewer ingrowns, and when I do get them, they can be super easily and gently tweezed. I seriously cannot recommend this product enough. If you’ve got super curly hair and very sensitive skin, this is the stuff for you! Thank you so much, Oui!!" —Aimee

    Get it from Oui the People for $25.

    23. DIY cocktail (or mocktail!) kits for days when you and your squad crave an expertly crafted bar drink minus the bar tab and impossible-to-maneuver-through crowd. Treat yourselves to classics like margaritas and Moscow mules or unique cocktails like Berry Lavender Lemonade. 😋

    InBooze / Etsy

    They're from a Black-owned and woman-owned brand based in Chicago called InBooze! The brand was founded by a mama who wanted a quick, nonalcoholic alternative for cocktails that she could make in her home. Now we all get to bring the drinks home! For the spicy margarita: Just place the infusion bag in a container (like a mason jar) with tequila. Infuse for at least three days, then just take out the bag and make your drink! All the packets are handmade, filled with dehydrated fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs — and each kit is enough to infuse 8 to 10 cocktails. Bottoms up, babes!

    Promising review: "This was fantastic! Quick shipping, too. I followed the steps completely and it tastes just like a Moscow Mule. Great to know it was made with all fruits and spices. There was no mystery about what was in my cocktail! Highly recommend and will definitely be purchasing from this shop again." —Jay RA

    Get the classic Moscow Mule kit from InBooze on Etsy for $18 (more kits available in 17 flavors).

    24. A wall print to ensure that fine art — and by fine art, we do mean Cardi B's "WAP" — will grace your home and operate as one hilarious conversation piece.

    baroque art style painting of a woman with curls and tendrils standing at a piana and holding sheet music for rapper Cardi B's song "WAP"
    Side Dimes / Society 6

    This piece is just one of the many from Side Dimes, an art brand founded by Mikayla Lapierre that specializes in 17th- and 18th-century-themed prints with the twist of today. All of the art is digitally painted on top of reproductions of paintings from the centuries of old.

    Promising review: "LOL It’s amazing. Came packaged nicely with no chance of folding. The paper is beautiful and thick. Yes, all the way around! Not to mention, it's hilarious." —Lisa T.

    Get it from the Side Dimes art shop on Society6 for $24.24+ (available in three sizes)

    25. A tapas-inspired wooden serving dish that kinda looks like a bowl but works like a tray. It'll save some space on the dinner table, look extra cool when you're serving snacks on it, and store easily., Amazon

    This cool kitchen invention has three tiers and can be ordered in all-natural beechwood or bamboo — both sustainable, eco-friendly materials. It was created by a small family-owned brand called Tappas. It's run by Sandra Portal-Andreu — a proud Cuban and Colombian — and her husband, Juan Andreu.

    Promising review: "Fantastic quality! Love to keep it out in the counter even because it looks so cool! I use it for treats, sweets, snacks, etc.... It’s always filled and used for something — dinner, lunch, entertaining, or just for us at home. I bought two and I’m buying two more to give as gifts! I LOVE IT AND YOU WILL TOO!!!" —Nicole

    Get it from Tappas on Amazon for $89.99.

    26. Truffle-based sauces (black truffle *ranch* and *Sriracha* 🤤) from Trufflin to drizzle on just about everything that's belly-bound — perf for any foodie or person who enjoys cooking.

    The two squeeze bottles of sauce in a Black and gold gift box

    These savory sauces were made by Trufflin NYC, a Black-owned and family-owned business run by Cornelius Robinson and Liv Woudstra-Robinson.

    Promising review: "Obsessed with these sauces. My husband and I knew they would be good but they completely exceeded our expectations. We eat the ranch with everything now and basically find excuses of foods to eat just so we can use them as a vehicle for these sauces. Recommending them to all my friends! Also loved the cute packaging when they arrived." —Neelam K.

    Get it from Trufflin on Amazon for $47.99 or directly from Trufflin also for $47.99.

    27. A quick-install fruit and veggie hammock to let your fruit stylishly ~hang out~ in and help you save on counter space.

    Knapps Knots / Etsy

    It's from Knapps Knots, a woman-owned business based in San Diego that specializes in handmade macramé crafts.

    Get it from Knapps Knots for $25.11+ (available in two sizes and nine colors; free shipping).

    28. A Radiate portable campfire (yes, from Shark Tank!) that'll turn your backyard into your favorite cozy hangout spot this fall and winter.

    reviewer's portable campfire on top of a backyard deck table which is beside a backyard pool

    Promising review: "This was amazing!!!! We have a relatively small backyard, and this worked out perfect 👌🏾. I bought a plant saucer for a few bucks and put it under the can for safety before we lit it. Will be purchasing more in bulk!" —Rose

    Get it from the Radiate Store on Amazon for $27.99 (also available in more quantities).

    29. A set of positive affirmation cards to help you celebrate and speak life into yourself and those you love as often as possible.

    Marquaysa Battle / BuzzFeed, Aaron Ni'jai / Paper Therapy

    These cool cards are from Paper Therapy, a a Black-owned and queer-owned brand founded by Aaron Ni’jai Johnson Jr.! He was inspired to create the deck after posting affirmations picked up in therapy sessions in his space to keep them top of mind. The deck features cards with affirmative messages like "My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite" and gentle directives like "Stop, drink a glass of water, and give yourself a hug." INTO IT! INTO IT! INTO IT!

    Get a pack of 52 cards from Paper Therapy for $29.99.

    30. Safety pin earrings that'll look off-the-desk real without you risking a lobe infection. Nothing but ear-safe gilded cuteness, my love.

    Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed, Caitlyn Minimalist / Etsy

    They're from Caitlyn Minimalist, an Asian-owned and woman-owned Etsy shop based in LA specializing in really thoughtful custom pieces including this other pair of name earring studs that BuzzFeed readers also ADORE. My coworker Chelsea Stuart owns the safety pin ones. Peep her thoughts ahead:

    "I bought these earrings and have been wearing them every day! I am not gentle with my jewelry — I wear them to sleep, while I shower, etc. I also have v, v sensitive ears and I'm happy to report that these haven't irritated my skin or tarnished even a bit! I have three sets of lobe piercings and wear these alongside my plain gold huggie hoops and they are the perfect complementary piece."

    Promising review (from a customer who's not Chelsea): "Absolutely love them so much!! They are an everyday earring now!! Shipping was so fast and the customer service was so quick on getting back to me. :) Would highly recommend and will definitely be buying again!!" —Kayla Dyer

    Get them from Caitlyn Minimalist on Etsy for $23.62 (also available in silver)

    31. A toothpaste cap that Shrek fans everywhere may wanna have, ya know, for 💩s and giggles.

    CasualChicken / Etsy

    CasualChicken is a small business based in Irvine, California that sells an array of unique 3D-printed items.

    Promising review: "My order came well packaged and on time. Gifted it to my friend and she thinks it is hilarious." —Grace

    Get it from CasualChicken on Etsy for $5.94.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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