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    31 Dope Things That Might Make Your Friends Wanna Shop Small With You

    Tell a friend to tell a friend that small businesses carry the gems. 💎😍

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A light-up Pokémon terrarium so adorable, the next thing you know, your whole circle will be catching Pokémon again like back in the day — for home decor purposes this time. 😀

    the light-up Pokeball terrarium

    2. Mother of Pearl earrings to add a simple yet eye-catching detail to whatever you wear 'em with. "OMG, your earringggggs" reaction from your friends loading in 3...2...1!

    3. A piercing pillow with a donut shape so you'll still get that sweet side sleep even with a freshly pierced ear. No more tossing, turning, and straining your neck all night to prevent ear irritation.

    model holding a yellow circular pillow with a hole in the middle for your ear to reset

    4. A beaded face mask chain so you can stylishly admit to the world just how often you lose your mask — and prevent that from happening any longer.

    5. A Disney princess–style water bottle to keep water at the ready when you're on the go and show off your undying Disney obsession because that'll always be a thing, right?

    three clear water bottles with colorful yet faceless animations of jasmine, Belle, and Cinderalla respectively

    6. Hoodie hangerssssss! They'll prevent those weird bumps that the wider hangers always put into the shoulders AND make your favorite hoodie easier to just grab and go.

    7. Garlic N Peperoncini sauce to bring a mild kick to your meals. It's designed to be drizzled on top of literally ANYTHING you want, from salads to steaks to eggs to enchiladas. Spice level: 🌶️.

    bottle of hot suace

    8. The Brilliant or BS card game will bring something fresh to your next game night with the gang. Finally, you'll have a trivia game everyone can enjoy since it's not exactly about knowing the answers. 🥴😂

    9. And! The Rhyme Antics game — so all the people in the place with style and grace (and rap skills!) can flex right quick. Each player must come up with words that rhyme with the main word on each card — all set to a timer of course.

    the game box

    10. Personalized earrings worth treating yourself to in the ~name~ of your total awesomeness.

    11. A hieroglyphic boob tray that's honestly so cool, you should just go ahead and scoop one for your bestie now because it'll be added to their Christmas list the moment they see these ta-tas in your house.

    a square catchall tray with hieroglyphics that have boob designs on them

    12. A portable canvas cup holder that'll keep you from spilling your latte everywhere like you do all too often while on the go and make your friends extra jelly as they fumble with theirs.

    13. And! A similar wine tote bag because, admit it, you're the resident wine supplier for the group's gatherings. Now you'll be hella prepared to ~tote~ the good stuff to the function.

    14. A TikTok-famous pick 'n' peel stone that might help channel nervous energy and curb your anxiety — according to the numbers of folks who use it on the regular across the net.

    A model using a tiny hook to pick blue paint out of a lava rock with tiny holes

    15. Creamed honey that'll spread like butter on your biscuits and scoop easily into drinks without dripping sticky stuff everywhere. And it tastes AH-mazing. 🍯🐝🤤

    16. A Mickey Mouse dispenser top your fellow Disney-lovin' friends won't stop gushing about when they come over and wash their hands in the guest bathroom.

    mickey mouse pump attachment that helps create mouse shaped foam

    17. A Good Hair scarf to provide gentle protection for your beautiful coily, kinky, and curly tresses — day or night.

    18. A Purrfect Plants puzzle that'll give you something to do (that actually doesn't involve a screen 😅) to relax and leave you something pretty to hang up afterward. Your friends'll def wanna know where to find this vibrant puzzle and more like it.

    a completed puzzle with an illustration of three cats that are black, while and orange standing and laying near a plant stand that's brimming with different kinds of plants

    19. A luxe comfy hoodie with a built-in sleep mask that is about to be your go-to lewk for the chilly season. I own one and can tell you that sleep mask–embedded hoodie will also be CLUTCH for brisk holiday flights.

    20. An affirming mug to sip your favorite beverages from and remind yourself that all your feelings really do matter. Perf way to remind a buddy of the same. 😘

    model holding a white mug with multi-colored words that say "your feelings are valid"

    21. A charmingly dramatic oversized scrunchie obviously meant to transform basic messy buns or ponytails into a major style statement.

    22. Ingrown relief toner to stop those pesky hairs in their TRACKS, OK? You'll def wanna drop a pic of this in the group chat with the link.

    model holding the bottle of toner

    23. DIY cocktail (or mocktail!) kits for days when you and your squad crave an expertly crafted bar drink minus the bar tab and impossible-to-maneuver-through crowd. Treat yourselves to classics like margaritas and Moscow mules or unique cocktails like Berry Lavender Lemonade. 😋

    24. A wall print to ensure that fine art — and by fine art, we do mean Cardi B's "WAP" — will grace your home and operate as one hilarious conversation piece.

    baroque art style painting of a woman with curls and tendrils standing at a piana and holding sheet music for rapper Cardi B's song "WAP"

    25. A tapas-inspired wooden serving dish that kinda looks like a bowl but works like a tray. It'll save some space on the dinner table, look extra cool when you're serving snacks on it, and store easily.

    26. Truffle-based sauces (black truffle *ranch* and *Sriracha* 🤤) from Trufflin to drizzle on just about everything that's belly-bound — perf for any foodie or person who enjoys cooking.

    The two squeeze bottles of sauce in a Black and gold gift box

    27. A quick-install fruit and veggie hammock to let your fruit stylishly ~hang out~ in and help you save on counter space.

    28. A Radiate portable campfire (yes, from Shark Tank!) that'll turn your backyard into your favorite cozy hangout spot this fall and winter.

    reviewer's portable campfire on top of a backyard deck table which is beside a backyard pool

    29. A set of positive affirmation cards to help you celebrate and speak life into yourself and those you love as often as possible.

    30. Safety pin earrings that'll look off-the-desk real without you risking a lobe infection. Nothing but ear-safe gilded cuteness, my love.

    31. A toothpaste cap that Shrek fans everywhere may wanna have, ya know, for 💩s and giggles.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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