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    24 On-Sale Products From Small Businesses You'll Prob Use Over And Over Again

    A plant lover sweatshirt, a fun card game, an illustrated planner, and more on sale for Cyber Monday.

    FYI — deals can move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Black Friday (and Cyber Weekend) to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    1. This PAWFECT candle from Charmed Aroma. It'll come with a surprise ring hidden inside but that's not even the sweetest part —10% of proceeds from this 'Paw' candle will go to local animal shelters that support and rehabilitate animals in need of TLC. 😭🐾💝

    candle lit with two wicks plus four ring styles below in silver and white gold

    2. A stylish DIY tabletop fireplace that'll make you want to host fireside chats with the fam every evening — especially since these glass panels can be removed for s'more-roasting.

    3. An dogdana that you'll want to wrap around your fur baby for every walk just because of how ADORABLE it is. (Warning: Folks are GOING to stop you on every walk to ask where you got it. 🐾💕)

    The dogdana

    4. Beautiful beaded bracelets with designs to match a ton of BIG MOODS so you can make subtle style statements that speak to your beliefs, the season, or both. 💖

    5. A Period Bundle Gift Box to treat yourself and/or any of your period-having loved ones to things that make a menstrual cycle a smoother experience. You deserve. They deserve.

    6. A Succa For Plants sweatshirt you need if you're the plant parent who's always bringing back new greenies from the nursery no matter how many plant babies you already have at home. Now, you'll just be saying it with your chest. Might as well! 🌵😘

    green sweatshirt that says "Succa for plants."

    7. A mini desk and matching chairs for the design-conscious child in your life. Expect some great art to come out of this work station.

    speckled desk and chairs that have a sort of rounded look as if they were left in the ocean for many years

    8. The Brilliant or BS card game that you'll want to pull out to play all the time because of how unpredictable it can be. This'll be an easy game to play since knowing the *actual* trivia answers isn't the point of it exactly. It'll have players questioning their judgment, their friends' and fam's knowledge, and maybe doing a lil' bit of lying 🥴😂.

    9. An E Marie blanket set to give yourself the cuddliest, coziest chilling experience. It'll come with the rib-knit blanket and eye mask. Oh, what's that I hear? Relaxation calling? Brb.

    10. A silk face mask so you can serve a luxe lil' lewk while you're out sticking and moving, darlings. And listen, if you match the mask with your outfit, that's not extra — it's FASHUN.

    three silk masks in black, emerald green, and pink

    11. Personalized name earrings with a minimalist design that'll still stand out when you wear 'em so they'll be the perfect accessories for everyday wear.

    12. A Muslin Comfort blanket so you can sleep with the same temperature-regulating material as those snuggly muslin blankets that babies rest in. Mmmhmm, you'll actually factually sleep like a baby. 🛌🏿👶🏿

    white muslin blanket on a made-up bed

    13. A portable charging center from Great Useful Stuff that'll simultaneously charge three smartphones, two tablets, one laptop, and a smartwatch or wearable tech device AND keep cord entanglements hidden so they don't throw off your decor.

    14. A wooden clipboard picture display to provide a simple, stylish way to show off loved ones, art prints, to-do lists, encouraging quotes in your space. The clip'll also make it easy to switch things out for all these different uses whenever you want.

    15. An inspirational notebook — journaling regularly or planning your day in this beauty is about to be the sweetest part of your self-care routine.

    a spiral notebook with "goal getter" written on it in light pink and a person with their hair up sitting in bed with a notebook and a cup of tea

    16. A blingy hair clip you'll prob want to stick in your hair — even on days when you have nowhere to go but the couch — to remind yourself how magical you are.

    Model with eight clips above a low ponytail: two plain gold, two plain silver, two silver and beaded, two with crystals that spell out "Magic"

    17. Blume's Natural Hug Me deodorant that reviewers swear up and down their armpits will REALLY keep you fresh for several hours so you won't be smelling like a long day by 12 pm. Woot!

    model rubbing the deodorant in her armpits

    18. Mielle Organics edge control gel for when you want to lay those edges with precision. It's the perfect size for keeping it at home or for travel.

    the edge control gel jar

    19. An embroidered T-shirt sure to let everyone know you are down for whatever hijinks are about to happen.

    Model wearing blue t-shirt with the phrase "sounds gay i'm in" embroidered in rainbow colors on the left chest

    20. A mesh body exfoliator from Luv Scrub that'll help dry brush your skin, exfoliate it with body wash, and remove ingrown hairs. Heck, it just might schedule your esthetician appointments too but don't quote me.

    the luv scrub in pink and black

    21. Gold-plated freshwater pearl huggie earrings worth tossing into a few stockings (including your own!) this season since these Baroque pearls will be an easy go-to when you wanna feel fancy without getting too dressed up. Baroque pearls will look as stunning with jeans and a cute tee or a sweater dress as they will with dressier attire.

    The three pairs of earrings: gold studs with dangling baroque pearls, gold open hoops with dangling small round pearls, and baroque pearl open hoops

    22. Unique 3D-printed planters that'll hold your succulents *and* bring actual factual fine art into your home.

    A planter shaped like a old Roman column with an air plant sprouting from it and an air plant inside of a buttress shaped like the head of the historical Michaelangelo sculpture, "David"

    23. A Wild Feminist fanny pack made with vegan leather so you can ensure that all your important stuff nearby but keep your hands and shoulders free.

    model wears black hip pack that says wild feminist

    24. Stunning Africa-shaped resin coasters in a multitude of colors that'll make beautiful statement pieces in your home.

    two black coasters shaped like Africa with gold trim with a glass of an iced beverage

    25. The latest installment of Valfré's beloved yearly agenda. Keep your dates and daily tasks in order with the help of this illustrated guide that — OK, wow — comes with SIX pages of stickers!

    hardcover planner that says gal with a plan 2021 and a design of a woman in tiger underwear in front of a column with a speaker next to a monstera

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