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    26 Products That Inspired Over 1,000 People To Leave A 5-Star Review

    Among the great finds: Goo Gone, brow soap (🤔), and a game-changing bra for lil' boobs. 👀

    1. LAPCOS Face Masks to treat yourself to a relaxing skincare sesh and address whatever skin needs you have thanks to the different options like collagen (firming), seaweed (purifying), wine (sipping! LOL, jk. It's actually for elasticity) — and more!

    reviewer wearing one of the collagen face mask

    2. A magnetic mesh cover so you can keeeep the door ooooopen (please hear that in Bruno Mars' voice🤣) — without worrying about gnats, flies, or bloodthirsty mosquitoes.

    3. A stainless-steel insulated can cooler since you'll be popping more cold ones open now that the weather's warming. It'll keep your canned beers, spritzers, wine fresh like they were just served — with no sweating!

    reviewer holding a can in the insulator which is an ombre color that moves from lavender to seafoam green wth iridescent glitter

    4. A mesh underwire bra that's designed for people with small boobs who have trouble securing the right, comfy fit. It's got shallower cups (buh-bye gaps) and an underwire designed to follow your curves to a T.

    5. Nipple butter meant to soothe sore, breastfeeding nipples, heal cracks, and prevent them.

    reviewer holding a jar of the nipple butter in front of their baby's nursery crib in the hospital

    6. A snuggly tear-resistant stuffed duck that your dog will have a BALL trying to conquer for a really long time. No more ragging a plushie until its cotton guts spill out within the first 10 minutes of it being in your house. You'll be gifting your baby the perfect cuddle buddy!

    7. A flexible measuring tape I own and can vouch for because OMG you'll be able to use it for so many things — especially any measurements you want to take for special occasion outfit orders (especially if you're like me and don't always trust online sizing).

    the measuring tape sitting on a bed next to a very curious-looking cat

    8. A tub of The Pink Stuff that per the (MANY!!!) before and afters (and TikTok reviewers too, btw), will remove even the grimiest grime in your life! Don't you just stan a multi-purpose mistake remover?! Oh, wait... what mistake?! Was it even there?!

    9. A ring size measurer because you never know how handy it is until you wanna jazz up your fingers and realize you haven't sized them since you bought that high school ring and things have probably changed since then. (It me! 🖐️)

    reviewer's hand with the ring measurer on their ring finger

    10. A camera backpack designed to keep your most beloved memory-keeping electronic safe and sound with a compact minimalist design that'll also complement whatever you're wearing on that day.

    11. A soap brows kit — yep, it's the trend you've seen on TikTok. I'm here to help you take the plunge. It'll help whip your eyebrows into a flawless, full shape AND condition your brow hairs for healthy growth.

    Progression photo showing reviewer's natural brows, the brows with the soap applied, and the brows with soap and powder applied

    12. Embroidered throw pillow covers to toss some color and fun onto your couch or accent chair. Perf for covering up old, worn-out pillows (or just a color you hate LOL) without committing to any specific look since it's removable.

    13. Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant because THIS 👏🏿 BABY 👏🏿 IS 👏🏿 GOOD. Did you hear those claps?! They're deserved and I know because I live and die by this exfoliator. It'll gently lift dead skin and dirt from your pores, improve texture, and require no follow-up rinse.

    reviewer's hand holding the exfoliator botttle

    14. A fragrance-free allergen spray to help blast away all the things contributing to the sneeze-itch-redness-inducing anarchy that your body tries to exact on you. It works in the air AND on surfaces.

    reviewer's bottle of spray

    15. An ice maker so you can put the ~freeze~ on purchasing a brand new fridge just to get that function.

    16. A digital picture frame! Yes! They make these! It'll sync with your Google Photo album so you can upload pictures and put them on display in a ~snap~. This'll also be the sweetest dang gift for sharing photos with loved ones you can't be near all the time.

    a reviewer's picture frame with a photo of a person holding a super cute infant over their shoulder.

    17. Goo Gone to banish all the ooey-gooey things you don't want to stick around on surfaces in your space... Calling all candle people who hate the stickers on the jars when you buy 'em from Ross, Marshall's, and TJ Maxx! (It me... again 🤪!)

    18. Olly gummies with melatonin to help you get the sound sleep you deserve.

    There is a hand holding four gummies. They are a deep dark purple. In the background is a bag that holds the Olly Sleep gummies.

    19. Acne cream wash designed to gently address breakouts with an antimicrobial formula so you can send zits packing and prevent their return trip.

    20. Kiss i-Envy Super Strong Hold clear lash glue that'll create an undetectable adhesive and make your falsies look like they're coming straight outta those eyelids. It's also water-resistant!

    21. A casual top that'll totally suit anyone with a comfort-first style who also wants to look cute and put-together. The long sleeves will make it a great choice for those in-between weather days.

    22. A personalized necklace that'll bring some shimmer to your look each day OR serve as a really thoughtful gift for the one who is ~bar none~, your favorite person in the whole world.

    23. Rosewater peppermint spray designed just for folks with locks to give their hair and scalp a moisturizing boost.

    24. A tongue scraper — one of those things we all need even though not enough of us actually own one. This'll join forces with your toothbrush and mouthwash to remove gunk and help prevent unpleasant-smelling breath.

    25. Machine-washable Swedish dishtowels that'll absorb and hold up to 20 times their weight in water but guess what they won't hold onto? Foul odors! Mildew where? Not in your kitchen!

    26. An ergonomic laptop riser that's the NUMBER ONE product in laptop accessories on Amazon for obvious WFH reasons. It'll lift your laptop from its surface to prevent overheating and even assist you with bettering your posture since you won't have to hunch over a screen.

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