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    43 Gifts For Loved Ones You Secretly Think Need To Get It Together

    Putting a lil' twist on the meaning of "Secret Santa."

    1. A full-body bath pillow complete with a bath sponge that'll 100% encourage a person to actually sit their tail down in the tub and relax for once. This life-saver is machine-washable. It also has 3D cushioning that dries quickly so mold won't mess up the vibes.

    2. And an adjustable bamboo bathtub tray for propping up food, drinks, tablets, books, hopes, dreams and whatever else a person would need for a soak sesh. This'll further encourage your "person" to get their self-care routine together, STAT.

    3. Sam Edelman Penny 2 Boots for the person who'll never invest in a quality pair and is still wearing the same ones they've had for literal years even though they're hanging on by a thread. The holidays are the perfect excuse to just do for them what you know they probably won't do for themselves for a long while.

    4. Helpful cable bites that can adorably decorate and protect the part of a charger cable that gets bent and damaged the most with regular use. Uh-huh. This could be a game-changer for the phone owner you know who's ~always~ buying a new charger.

    5. Poo-Pourri toilet spray for the person in your life who isn't exactly shy about going potty. This'll be a classy way to tell your loved one that they're assaulting your nose without actually having to say the words. Warning: ONLY give this to the people you're closest to who'll understand your joking-not-joking humor.

    6. A sunrise alarm clock to help people who always seem to wake up on the wrong side of the bed (or, OOPS, the wrong side of their job's clock-in time). It has a sunrise stimulation wake-up setting that'll gradually increase its light similar to a real morning sunrise. It also works reversibly for creating a sunset to ease a person to bed.

    7. A cosmetics organizer for the one you know whose beauty routine always leaves their bathroom counter looking like the aftermath of a natural disaster. They'll finally be able to stick their stuff in any compartment quickly and easily.

    8. Affresh coffeemaker tablets that'll remove odor-causing residue so coffee actually comes out safe to offer to people who visit. These trusty tablets are made of citric acid that'll remove hard water residue and mineral build-up to prevent your coffeemaker from being too clogged and pouring too slowly. Also, be honest, the tablets will also help you stop feeling so paranoid when you sip joe at other people's houses. I say you stick these things in every single stocking you give out this year.

    9. An Amazon Firestick so your loved ones can STOP asking to borrow yours and failing to return it by the time you're ready to have your own binge-watch sessions. It features Netflix, Hulu, and a few other streaming apps and it's pretty easy to use — as they already know. Now, yours won't be doing all that house-hopping.

    10. A two-sided tea stand to organize packets for the person who's always offering tea but can't ever quickly put their hands on the exact kind they want to prepare. Since they're offering you tea all the time, the least you could do is help them keep all the packets together.

    11. A BESTOPE Blackhead Removal Kit for people who just cannot stop picking at their pimples with their hands. This'll prevent them from experiencing unnecessary redness, pain, and spreading bacteria. This kit comes with five different needles for different pimple sizes and a case to store them in when you aren't using them.

    12. ORRRR, Avarelle acne patches for them to wear throughout the day since they may not want to be whipping out blackhead extracting tools while on the train, in the car, or at work. These patches will cover their pimples so they feel less motivated to pick at them AND of course, their main use is to clear up breakouts much faster than normal.

    13. An essential oil stick that'll help relieve migraines for skeptics who refuse to take over-the-counter medicines because there's still no sense in sitting around in pain all day.

    14. Miracle-Gro indoor plant food spikes for people who are always buying new plants because they're always dying. All they'll need to do is pop these sticks into the soil of their hungry plants and watch them flourish. Ya' know, so they'll actually still be alive by the time you return to their house for another visit.

    15. OR a self-watering pot and reservoir for plants that'll take even more work out of the growth process. The owner will only need to fill the white reservoir and set the black planter inside. The plant will do the rest and take in only the water it needs so it isn't over- or underwatered. Phew! It's also designed to keep insects from attacking the plants too.

    16. A microwave pasta cooker so all the noodle-involved meals will be done in literal minutes! It's supposed to make al dente pasta without sticking in 15 minutes or less. This is definitely for people (*slowly raises hand*) who somehow always seem to take forever to cook a meal. You never want to rush a person who's making food ~for you~, so here's an efficient tool to help out. Before you know it, the food will be all fixed and ready to eat. Who's ready for ~fasta~ pasta?!

    17. An internet address and password logbook for people who can't remember a password to save their life and are always needing to request a password reset before ya'll stream movies together. This lil' book will keep up with login info for social media, online banking, and school portals so your loved one can do things without a password delay.

    18. A champagne stopper to gift the friend whose bubbly is always losing its mojo before the function ends. This'll gift will come just in time for New Year's toasting!

    19. Empowerment question cards for the one in your life who could use a little more personal time and positivity. There are 52 cards decorated in bright, inspiring colors with questions that'll inspire introspection, meditation, and self-empowerment. Reviewers used them for a variety of things including journaling, group activities at work, ice breakers at get-togethers, and even therapy sessions.

    20. Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara to present to the person who's ALWAYS running late because of their falsies! Once they find out how GOOD this mascara makes their lashes look in a couple of swipes, they'll be saying "tootle-loo" to lash glue, whispies, and everything else.

    21. An electric wine bottle opener for the person who's been drinking vino as long as you've known them yet still has trouble pulling those corks out. This gadget'll help 'em pop bottles in seconds with no real wrist work involved. It works on a built-in rechargeable battery and will open up to 30 wine bottles before needing another charge. Several reviewers who experience arthritis and other pain issues with their hands revealed that this thing comes in extra handy!

    22. Fleece-lined faux leather leggings to encourage someone to come on over to the dark side — and by that I mean, going pantsless. It's a wonderful life, right?!

    23. An encouraging water bottle for the person you know who never, ever, ever gets enough H20. This'll help them end their cactus lifestyle ASAP.

    24. A kitchen knife sharpener so you can stop judging your beloved for having the dullest knives you've ever seen. This'll help them get their knife game on point and save money on new knives.

    25. A diamond cleaner for the person whose ring is way duller than it was when you first attended their wedding. You won't be able to tell which is sparklier — the ring or their smile.

    26. A belly button lint brush to gag gift to the friend who you had that awkward "Do you clean your belly button?" conversation with and they admitted that it's an, um, neglected spot they rarely think about. If you have kids or little humans in your life in any capacity, this could also be your way of making sure they never get outta cleaning their belly button when it's bath time. Put your foot DOWN and get those belly buttons cleaned UP!

    27. A heated throw blanket for the loved one who always complains about how cold it is in your house. Now, every time they're scheduled for a visit, you can remind them to bring the warmth with them. This gift will help them help you help them. Cool?

    28. A glass flower vase to add a simple but elegant touch to the home you think could use just a lil' more help to blossom into the gorgeous abode you know it can be. The vase has a straightforward design with clear glass so it'll likely suit the home of any person you give it to.

    29. Storage bins for the fridge that feels like you have to go on a full-on safari every time you open it to find something. This'll help its owner make it a lil' more organized.

    30. And storage bin decals to take the fridge revamp up yet another level.

    31. A handheld milk frother that'll give your loved one perfect froth for all of their favorite coffee drinks right in the warm comforts of their home. Ya' know, so they can stop being bosom buddies with Starbucks so dang much!

    32. A personal library kit for the brave soul who still lets people "borrow" their babies. This'll help them keep track of the who, what, when, and where of their book-lending ministry. The kit comes with 20 self-adhesive pockets, checkout cards, a date stamp and inkpad, and a pencil.

    33. An eyeliner stamp to gift the makeup newbie who's still figuring out the wing. You've been there and mastered that so it's time you gave 'em the cheat code.

    34. A car sauce holder for the driver you've seen finesse the steering wheel with their knees while dunking a chicken nugget into honey mustard and then eat it without one drop falling in the car. It's like art in motion but, like, YOUR HEART PALPITATIONS. They're gonna thank you from the bottom of their dipping sauce packets for introducing them to this genius invention.

    35. A Beakey Makeup Brush Set so your friend will finally stop asking to borrow your makeup brushes when they come over. Sharing brushes is just NOT IT honey. This set includes 10 brushes, one beauty sponge, and one brush cleaner egg set so you can help your friend cover all the bases.

    36. A key-shaped keyholder with a vintage-style shape for the person in your life who can't go one week without losing their keys at least once — even if it's you. This beautiful design is something a person will actually be glad to receive and if they know themselves as well as you do, then they'll be smiling twice as hard to receive such a thoughtful pick.