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    The Internet Responds To Crying Japanese Politician

    A crying, screaming, babbling mess.

    Japanese politician Ryutaro Nonomura has become a YouTube smash after he screamed, cried and wailed during a press conference defending himself against travel rorting claims.

    According to reports, Nonomura has produced no receipts for the nearly 200 return train trips throughout the year. It's claimed he spent three-million yen ($30,000) on travel in the 2013-14 financial year.

    In his press conference, Nonomura let off various outbursts including, "I finally became an assembly member … with the sole purpose of changing society."

    "This Japan … I want to change this society … I have staked my life," he said.

    "Don't you understand?!"

    Japanese Twitter users have already started lampooning Nonomura.




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    Whatever happens to Nonomura, let's hope someone can provide a tissue and some hugs.

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