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Here's Some Things That Didn't Last As Long As The Dumb Q&A Scandal

Like you could watch every single episode of Game of Thrones back-to-back.

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The PM's office told Barnaby Joyce to pull out of his scheduled appearance, just hours after the agriculture minister said he thought the ABC had dealt with the problem.

According to Fairfax Media, the boycott could last up to three months!!

So let's just put "#qandagate" into perspective. This is a story about a live panel program, which stemmed from an event TWO WEEKS AGO.

Some news outlets have been running hysterical over the show for 13 straight days.

So let's think about it. Really ponder.... what hasn't lasted as long as this ~scandal~.


Which takes about three days.

Which lasts seven minutes.


Which lasts five days.

Which lasts about a week.


Which lasts about 50 hours.

Which lasted nine days.


Which lasted six days.

Which reportedly lasted 10 days in Beijing.


Which lasted 28 seconds.

10. The prime ministership of Frank Forde.

#OnThisDay 1945: After John Curtin died, Frank Forde became Australia's 15th Prime Minister, serving for just 8 days.

Which lasted eight days.


Which lasted 11 days.

Which lasted 13 days.


Which lasted one week.

Which takes about 10 minutes.

Which would take about 11 days.