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9 Reasons Why You Should Stop Listening To Celebrity Chef Pete Evans

How hard do you paleo?

1. Celebrity Chef Pete Evans has had a HUGE year, not only hosting Australia's top rated My Kitchen Rules but transforming the way you think about food... WARNING: He thinks your whole diet is wrong.

Seven Network

2. Evans became the biggest advocate for the paleo food diet in 2014... that is, only eating what a neanderthal could eat. That is, becoming a nightmare to cook for.

3. Here's what Pete Evans tells his half a million Facebook followers to eat... seriously, how the hell can any "normal" person afford this???

James Morgan

4. There's also his war on the National Heart Foundation, which helps consumers choose healthy food. (He thinks there is a vast food industry conspiracy).

Pete Evans/Facebook

5. Then you find out that the losing-est team in AFL, Melbourne Demons are are all going on Pete Evans' paleo diet and you thought HOW IS THIS NOT SURPRISING.

6. Evans also speaks highly of the benefits of kinesiology and how his "wellness tribe" all agreed its just the best. That's right, "wellness tribe".

7. But don't worry after dishing a whole bunch of health advice there is this strategically placed warning on his Facebook page not to listen to him.

8. But finally what makes him a dangerous conspiracy theorist is that Evans doesn't "touch" tap water because of bogus theories about fluoridation.

9. He supports the Fluoride Free WA campaign which according to the entire medical community is downright backward.

So with all that knowledge, here's to a Pete Evans-less 2015!


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