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Best Australia 2014

Best Australia 2014

31 Times Iggy Azalea Owned Instagram In 2014

Iggy has more Insta followers than any other Australian. #Fancy.

The Very Best Australian Albums Of 2014

In no particular order...

32 Times Miranda Kerr Slayed Instagram In 2014

From floral headbands to high fashion glamour, Miranda has been serving us LOOKS all year.

12 Muslim Australians Who Crushed It In 2014

A collection of Australia's best and brightest.

20 Reasons 2014 Was The Year Of Lee Lin Chin

Or "The Chin," as she prefers to be called.

31 Times Illy Absolutely Crushed It In 2014

"Life feels cinematic right now."

20 Australian Problems That Defined 2014

...When you want to get that new scholarship but your daddy isn't the right daddy.

17 NT News Front Covers That Tell The Story Of 2014

The award-winning newspaper consistently delivers punbelievable covers.

19 Bafflingly Stupid Things Australian Politicians Said In 2014

Girly-men, shirtfronts and Ebola infected suicide bombers.

32 Things You Already Forgot Happened In Australia In 2014

Neknomination, sky penis, and Hodor to name a few.

The Best Australian Films Of 2014

Yes, Australia makes movies, and good ones at that.

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