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    9 Times Scott Ludlam Was Too Nerdy To Handle

    The Greens "Senator for the Internet" did an awesome Reddit AMA.

    1. Senator Ludlam has two copies of George Orwell's 1984 sitting on his bookshelf. (One was sent to him from a supporter.)

    2. He gets perverse pleasure from re-watching Senator George Brandis' metadata interview. He said, "it cheers me up every time."

    3. Unsurprisingly, he thinks the biggest issue facing Australia is climate change... "Sorry to be predictable".

    4. As one Reddit user pointed out, Scott Ludlam's insane doppelganger is Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation. MY GOD THEY LOOK LIKE BROTHERS.

    Alan Porritt / AAP

    5. He cites Tim Tams in the top five things that have affected his political thought.

    Lukas Coch / AAP

    The others:

    - Fiction writer William Gibson

    - Former WA Senator Jo Vallentine

    - Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu

    - Greens staffer David Paris

    - Tim Tams

    6. He looooooooooooves drinking fine whiskey to unwind after a long day in the Senate.

    Richard Wainwright / AAP

    7. He thinks Tony Abbott doesn't have the guts to call a double dissolution election: "It would a require a prime minister with courage, and we don't have one".

    Alan Porritt / AAP

    8. He'd rather live in the Firefly universe, which is pretty dangerous if you think about it.

    9. And he knows how to troll with Comic Sans posting this pic to Instagram. "I wanted to see how mad it would make people. was hoping for a backlash and was not disappointed," he said.

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