6 Types Of Depressing Tweets About Ian Thorpe Coming Out

Simply the worst people.

Australia’s most successful Olympian Ian Thorpe came out in a prime time televised interview on Sunday night. The five time gold medal winning swimmer was showered with love online.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

Sadly, there were those that took a turn to negative town.

1. Australian radio host Joe Hildebrand channelled a lot of smart arse people in the “Oh I always knew” brigade.

After getting bombarded with replies he walked back his “joke”.

2. And “joke” was the default for some.

Olympic swimmer @IanThorpe has revealed he's gay. I'm not surprised considering he was never known for his breast stroke.

— Hector (@HectorTweeted)

3. Those that used the “f word” and were highly offensive.

so ian thorpe is a fag... i reckon i knew before him..rather than say your gay,how bout saying you love fuckin guys

— MadSharky (@MadSharkFan)

4. Like there were *a lot* of people who were so clever and “not surprised”.

Ian Thorpe comes out after denying it a gazillion times... Not a single person is surprised.

— tommy (@GayInOmaha)

5. And then of course the people who combined “no surprise” + “f word”.

Always knew Ian Thorpe was a faggot!

— Johnny Hadchiti (@J_Hadchiti24)

6. But then there were the people who went to every crazy place at once.

I am not letting my children swim in the same pool as Ian Thorpe because I don't want them getting HIV or AIDS! #IanThorpe #GayIsWrong

— Franny (@FrannyHilIson)

The haters always gonna hate, and Ian Thorpe will always be one of Australia’s greatest ever champions.

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Mark Di Stefano is a political editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.
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