International "Pick-Up Artist" Julien Blanc Facing Worldwide Boycott

    A Toronto woman claims she was once sent messages from Blanc on Tinder.

    The public campaign against international "pick up artist" Julien Blanc has intensified in the UK, Canada and Japan after he was deported from Australia last week.

    The hash-tag "#KeepJulienBlancOutOfCanada" began circulating on Twitter last week after it was revealed Blanc planned to visit with his "pick up" workshops next year.

    The campaign received support from Canada's Citizen and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander on Tuesday, tweeting that he would consider following in the footsteps of Australia and deny him a visa.

    1/ I see your tweets & am aware of #KeepJulienBlancOutofCanada. His content is completely counter to Canadian values and common decency.

    2/ My job is to ensure our imm system does not facilitate violence against anyone in Cda & ensure women are protected from all forms of such

    Blanc's manipulative "pick-up" techniques were exposed early last week, with hours of footage on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube showing him teaching rooms of men how to emotionally abuse and physically impose on women.

    Even In our free society I believe we shld #KeepJulienBlancOutofCanada RT @JustinTrudeau @JesseBrown @_kevindonovan @ThomasMulcair @pmharper

    One of those behind the original "#TakeDownJulienBlanc" campaign, US-based Jennifer Li told BuzzFeed News she helped set up online petitions in Japan to warn authorities of Blanc of an upcoming visit.

    "How dare he violate these Japanese women's' spaces. How dare he pass on his disgusting views and methods onto other men. I just could not believe that he can go about this without consequences," Ms Li said.

    Blanc has removed or made private his social media accounts since his methods and videos were reported last week. In one video he tells men of his time in Japan: "If you're a white male, you can do what you want."

    In the UK, thousands of people have signed a similar online petition calling for the Home Office to stop Blanc from holding workshops next year.

    "This is not just a few feminists; it feels like society as a whole is saying this is not something we want, this is not something we believe in – and we are shutting him down," Fiona Elvines from the Rape Crisis South London told the Guardian.

    Angie Taylor* who runs Tinder's Finest Bachelors contacted BuzzFeed News claiming Blanc had once tried to pick her up. She posted screen-caps of the interaction.

    The 25-year-old Toronto woman told BuzzFeed News: "He went from obnoxious to bat-shit crazy in one message. I may have been offended for a few seconds, but then realized our conversation would make a great blog post."

    BuzzFeed News has left messages for Julien Blanc and company Real Social Dynamics for comment.