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19 Bafflingly Stupid Things Australian Politicians Said In 2014

Girly-men, shirtfronts and Ebola infected suicide bombers.

1. The year kicked off with South Australian Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi writing a book, linking single families to crime and "promiscuity".

2. Then, there was that time single mother Tasmanian Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie described her perfect man.

3. Prime Minister Tony Abbott insulted all Aboriginal Australians and called pre-1788 Australia, "scarcely settled". **facepalm**

4. During the budget spruiking, Prime Minister Abbott's sly wink to a terminally-ill, sick grandmother was caught on camera.

5. Treasurer Joe Hockey was forced into an epic national apology for making this clanger about raising the tax on petrol.

6. Backbench LNP Senator George Christensen was all kinds of offensive when he told people not to complain about the budget.

Aussies should do tour of Asia & live like locals to put these 1st world complaints re budget in perspective #auspol

7. And Clive Palmer was everywhere, offending everyone. Especially, when he called Chinese "mongrels" on live national TV. OH CRAZY CLIVE.

8. Former colleague Senator Lambie sprung to his defence and argued Australia needed a missile defence system to push back against China.

9. Cory Bernardi was Senator Lambie's natural ally and backed her moves to ban the burqa.

Note burqa wearers in some of the houses raided this morning? This shroud of oppression and flag of fundamentalism is not right in Aust

10. Senator Lambie really was concerned about national security. Like when she straight-up asked about "Ebola infected" ISIS suicide bombers.

11. Prime Minister Abbott wanted to bring violence on Russian President Vladimir Putin, promising to "shirtfront" him at the G20.

12. Meanwhile Attorney General George Brandis had the interview from hell when he was asked for the simple definition of "metadata".

13. Australia's top ranking female politician, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop had some head-scratching views on the word "feminist".

14. And Finance Minister Mathias Cormann decided to sledge Labor Leader Bill Shorten, calling him "an economic girly-man".

15. Labor MP Brendan O'Connor then decided to call Senator Cormann "a dickhead".

16. Labor Leader Bill Shorten's zingers were so bad they made Australia dumber. They were excruciating.

17. Really? REALLY?! Come on.

18. Remember when the Government's Senate Leader Eric Abetz made the link between abortion and breast cancer? Yep, because he did.

19. And Education Minister Christopher Pyne insulted women everywhere proving the dumb will inherit Australia.